23 Key Traits To Include In Your 2023 Resume

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When you use 23 key traits to include in your 2023 resume, you can get the attention of hiring managers and be ready to start the next stage of your career. 

A new year means new opportunities. Many people are looking to take their careers in exciting new directions. The first step to a new professional career is writing a great resume. By including 23 key traits in your 2023 resume, it will help you stand out to hiring managers for all the right reasons and demonstrate that you are the right person for the job. 

A Crowded Job Market 

It appears that the job market in 2023 is going to be crowded. There are a record number of people considering leaving their jobs, or have done so already, in search of better and more satisfying opportunities. Given the fact that a hiring manager will receive an average of 250 resumes for every single job positing, and spends as little as a few seconds reviewing them you need to do everything to demonstrate the skills and experience you will bring to the job. Your 2023 resume is the perfect place to do this.  

Get A Recruiters Attention

There are 23 key traits that you should include in your 2023 resume. According to research from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), there are several specific skills traits that hiring managers are on the lookout for while they review a resume. They are not looking for these exact words, but rather for examples from your professional history that show you know how to utilize these traits. 

23 Key Traits to Include on Your 2023 Resume: 

Adaptability: If there is one skill that has proven invaluable in 2023, it’s adaptability. Nearly three years after the pandemic upended the workplace, organizations are still trying to adapt to new modes of working and leave the old methods of the traditional office in the past. Employees need to be ready to change as circumstances evolve. Your 2023 resume must make it clear that you are willing to adapt to fit the needs of a safe and effective workplace. 

Attitude: Showing up to work every day with the right attitude is a true key to success. Your 2023 resume should make it a point to show that you will arrive ready to work, support your colleagues and tackle new challenges with an open mindset and a positive attitude. 

Creativity: Good employers are not looking to hire robots to input numbers. A strong workplace has a diverse array of creative voices contributing fresh ideas and =new perspectives. Creativity means that you will be able to produce effective solutions and move beyond traditional ways of thinking so that your company can make a name for itself in your industry. Examples of your creative thinking should be a key trait on your 2023 resume. 

Critical Thinking: This is your ability to take in and analyze information in order to form accurate conclusions. A majority of hiring managers believe that critical thinking is only going to become a more important trait over the next few years. Get ahead of other job applicants by using your 2023 resume to highlight this trait. 

Customer Focus: For retail, sales and other B2C businesses, having a strong commitment to customer service is an important trait for job seekers. Applicants should use their 2023 resume to demonstrate their ability to address client concerns and provide answers and solutions. 

Dependability: Employers want to hire employees they can depend on. Especially in the age of remote work and virtual offices, company leaders need to be sure that employees can be depended upon to work hard on their own. 

Initiative: Being able to demonstrate that you will be able to think and act on your own is invaluable in the eyes of an employer. Being prepared to tackle problems right when they become apparent and devising effective solutions shows a great deal of initiative. Do not wait for assignments and tasks, instead be ready to put your own ideas forward and grow in their role

Innovation: Stagnant businesses are doomed to fail. Innovative ideas and original approaches are required for businesses to grow and continue fulfilling the evolving needs of their customers. Your ability to innovate and bring something unexpected to the workplace will always make you a more valuable employee.  

Integrity: Simply put, integrity is very important to hiring managers and company leaders. HH managers and your colleagues want to know that when you make a commitment, you will follow through and do the work to the best of your ability. 

Leadership: Leadership does not mean giving out orders and then disappearing. The best leaders are ready to be an active voice, while being open to all feedback. With many employees working remotely from many separate places, leadership is still needed to keep companies moving forward. A team of people with strong leadership abilities will have no problem charting a new path forward. 

Mathematics: Despite many people hoping to leave math behind in high school, the truth is that basic arithmetic skills are used in almost every profession. Your 2023 resume does not need to include a calculus degree, but it would help if it demonstrated that you are comfortable doing quick calculations, especially if you are applying for job roles in the retail and sales sectors. 

Networking: More than just a buzzword, networking is a vital part of forming professional relationships. Having good networking skills will allow you to connect with colleagues, peers, leaders and customers. Showing that you can form strong professional relationships will demonstrate that you are committed to laying the foundation for a strong career. 

Organization: Organization matters even more in the virtual workplace. Employees must be able to stay on top of multiple tasks and projects while virtually collaborating with colleagues in different locations and time zones. Strong organization is a key trait to include in your 2023 resume, as it is required to keep the virtual workplace functioning efficiently. 

Patience: The past couple of years have been stressful for employers, employees and customers, with a greatly increased chance of burnout and exhaustion. As people adapt to new working arrangements and new systems, the ability to be patient has only increased in importance. Showing that you can be patient even when dealing with frustrating situations will let a hiring manager know that you will be able to persevere through any number of challenges. 

Planning: Every business needs a strong plan to be successful and overcome growing pains. Everyone must understand the long-term vision for the company while staying on track by completing their daily and weekly tasks. Employees must be ready to contribute to planning and doing their part to ensure team success. 

Professionalism: Even while working from home, there is still a basic level of professionalism that hiring managers expect from prospective employees. This means you will always treat others with respect, be ready to produce your best work, and remain committed to doing your part to build a welcoming and unified workplace

Reading Comprehension: The number of emails employees receive in a day has only increased with the remote work boom. Employers want to know that business communication in the virtual office will be understood and you will be able to take your assignments and tasks from written documents. 

Reliability: A reliable employee is one who managers and supervisors know will do a good job. Reliability means that no matter the task or problem, you will be able to produce effective and straightforward solutions which lead to the best possible outcomes for the workplace. 

Respect: You would never want to work with a disrespectful colleague, so you should never be a disrespectful colleague. Make clear on your 2023 resume that you will always respect your co-workers and the company. Maintaining a respectful attitude is key to a successful office and hiring managers will look for this trait from job applicants. 

Self-Motivation: Nearly all surveys conducted in the last two years show that professionals have a clear preference for remote work and hybrid working arrangements. While companies have realized that this can help attract the best employees, leaders are still concerned about the effect on productivity and overall efficiency. Your 2023 resume should show that you are self-motivated and are perfectly capable of working on your own without constant supervision. 

Teamwork: All businesses need teamwork to succeed, and this has not changed with remote work. Your 2023 resume needs to make it clear that you can collaborate with coworkers and support your team even while working in separate locations. Being part of a strong team culture will be required for all employees, remote or not. 

Verbal Communication: Even though millions of people now find themselves working away from the office, strong spoken verbal communications skills will still help a virtual team function well. With video calls and meetings a near-daily occurrence for remote workers, being able to effectively speak with co-workers will aid in cohesion and unity. It can also help stave off the Zoom Fatigue, which has haunted employees in multiple sectors since the beginning of the pandemic. 

Non-Verbal Communication: Communication has always been a key employee trait. Now that much of daily business communication is done through emails, chats and texts, effective non-verbal communication skills should be featured on your 2023 resume. This will let employers know that you can still make yourself understood in any communication format. 

The job market has always been competitive, and it will remain so in the new year. By utilizing the 23 key traits to include in your 2023 resume, you will make it easier for hiring managers to see that you are the right person to step into the job and grow. 

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