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Job Description: Architect

An Architect plans and supervises the design and construction of all types of buildings and properties. They inspect potential sites and create blueprint designs that are followed by construction crews, and ensure that the finished building matches their exact specifications. An Architect can design any type of building, from residential homes and small businesses to large commercial spaces, industrial facilities and any other type. Every building was designed by an Architect to be functional and aesthetically pleasing, deciding everything from the layout to construction materials.

5 Requirements To Be An Architect

  1. A Bachelor's or Master's Degree in Architecture from an accredited school
  2. Complete internship or apprenticeship with a qualified Architect
  3. Pass the licensing exams as set in each province and territory and join a trade association
  4. Have a strong aptitude for mathematics, design and organization
  5. Be able to think creatively and logically to complete designs and solve problems

What Does An Architect Do ?

An Architect designs buildings for residential, commercial, industrial and governmental clients. They can bid on potential projects, creating concept designs and mock-ups to pitch their ideas. Once a project begins, they can examine and record potential building sites to create detailed plans and blueprints. They work with construction teams to oversee all aspects of construction from groundbreaking to completion. An Architect can be self-employed, bidding on potential projects themselves, or work as part of an Architectural design firm, collaborating with other Architects to complete large-scale projects. The duties of an Architect include:

  • Present detailed proposal and plans to potential clients
  • Inspect potential construction sites, record exact measurements and identify problem areas
  • Create detailed blueprints and plans, following client specifications and legal guidelines
  • File all documents and blueprints with the proper authorities
  • Oversee the construction of buildings to their exact specifications and requirements

How To Become An Architect

There are specific education requirements for architects. Aspiring architects must complete at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Architectural Design from an accredited university, some employers may also require a Master's Degree.

Sectors Recruiting For An Architect

Architects are recruited by private companies in the construction and design sectors, in addition to government and municipal agencies.

Career Outlook For An Architect

The long-term employment outlook for architects is considered fair to good, depending on the location. There is predicted to be a slight labour surplus in the architectural field over the next 10 years. This means that there will be slightly more job seekers than there will be available positions, creating increased competition for those seeking to enter the industry. This will vary province by province, and there will be opportunities in specific locations across the country.

Where Does An Architect Work

Architects typically work in offices, typically with a large area to draft blueprints and the technology needed to design buildings. Architects working for private architectural firms can have a shared workspace with a team who collaborates to complete large-scale projects. Architects can also expect to travel to construction sites in order to surprives the building process.

Related Job Titles

According to the CNP code (national classification of occupations), here are additional and related titles for an architect:

  • industrial architect
  • commercial architect
  • residential architect
  • architectural standards specialist
  • chief architect
  • consulting architect

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