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Job Description: Electrician

Electricians install, maintain, troubleshoot and repair electrical equipment, controls and systems in residential, commercial and industrial properties. Electricians can work as independent contractors serving individual clients, as part of building maintenance crews, and for the provincial and federal governments.

5 Requirements To Be An Electrician

  1. Complete an apprenticeship program (required in Ontario)
  2. Study industry-specific knowledge
  3. Learn to work with specific tools and equipment
  4. Be able to complete manual work both indoors and outdoors
  5. Be aware and comply with all safety regulations

What Does An Electrician Do ?

Electricians can have dramatically different responsibilities depending on who they work for. Independent electricians complete individual jobs for home and small business owners, each of which presents a unique problem and environment. Electricians employed by industrial or environmental clients have a more regular set of duties, including important maintenance and repair programs that can extend to multiple locations.

  • Design, create, interpret and electrical plans, guides and diagrams
  • Install, check, troubleshoot and repair a variety of electrical components, including wiring, outlets, breakers, switch boxes, fuses, controls and more
  • Design and carry out preventative maintenance program
  • Maintain accurate procedures and records to ensure safe and proper usage

How To Become An Electrician

There are specific requirements to become a licensed and certified electrician. Completion of a diploma or certificate in electrical maintenance and related services is a big asset. Aspiring electricians will complete a multi-year apprenticeship under an experienced and licensed electrician. After completion, people need to pass an exam and join the regulatory body of their province or territory, such as the Ontario College of Trades. Electricians who wish to work on specific types of systems will need to complete corrpospoidng training courses and recieve certification.

Sectors Recruiting For An Electrician

Electricians are recruited by the construction, maintenance and repair sectors, and can work for larger companies that service clients of all types in need of electrical installation, maintenance and repair.

Career Outlook For An Electrician

The long-term employment outlook for electricians is considered limited to fair across the country. Over the next ten years, the number of available job roles in the field are expected to slightly outpace the number of qualified candidates, meaning that there will be opportunities for people who wish to become licensed electricians.

Where Does An Electrician Work

An electrician provides their services at a number of different locations. These include performing electrical contracting, installation, maintenance and repair at residential, commercial and industrial locations. Electricians can be employed by larger companies or government agency, working from a central workshop location, or become a self-employed electrical contractor providing services to individual clients as needed.

Related Job Titles

According to the CNP code (national classification of occupations), here are the additional titles for a electrician:

  • apprentice electrician
  • construction electrician apprentice
  • construction electrician
  • domestic and rural electrician

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