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Job Description Sales Associate

If you like the fast-paced environment of sales and working face-to-face with customers, a career as a Sales Associate may be right you. A Sales Associate is the direct link between a retail company and their customers. Often working in stores, outlets and retail locations, sales associates will process transactions and help customers find the products they wish to purchase. It is a B2C role, requiring strong interpersonal skills and a positive attitude. The role does not have specific education requirements, but a deep knowledge of a company’s products is required. They play a huge role in creating a positive customer experience, and essentially act as the face of the company.

5 Requirements to be Sales Associate

  1. Strong interpersonal and B2C skills
  2. Customer service and retail experience
  3. A positive, welcoming and calming attitude
  4. Extensive knowledge of company’s products
  5. The ability to manage time and multitask

What does a Sales Associate do ?

The daily duties of a Sales Associate are primarily retail-related. Frequently, they promote a company’s products to visiting customers, process purchases and address client questions. It is important to have an up-to-date knowledge of products and promotions, which will make it more likely that customers will find what they need and spend money. Sales Associates may also act as de facto consultants, using their in-depth knowledge of a company’s products to make informed recommendations. Unlike a cashier, a Sales Associate is not necessarily tied to a specific location in the store, meaning they have the freedom to be proactive when approaching customers. A Sales Associate must address every customer with a positive and welcoming tone, as this can shape their entire in-store experience.

  • Greet customers and direct them to the correct department
  • Process sales transactions, ensuring that all payments are accurate
  • Organizes products for display and promotion
  • Makes regular and seasonal updates to displays
  • Adjust signage to reflect newest promotions
  • Maintain inventory reports and sales logs
  • Address all customer questions and concerns
  • Make informed recommendations regarding products

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