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Job Description Kinesiologist

A Kinesiologist is a movement expert and healthcare professional who specializes in the areas of movement and physical activity. They use exercise, movement and physical activity as a way to optimize the body’s performance. A Kinesiologist also helps patients health and rehabilitation from injuries, but also works with people who are not injured and wish to change their movement patterns for improved performance. They typically work in clinics and private healthcare facilities. A Kinesiolist can work with new patients on their own, or be referred to by doctors as part of a rehabilitation program.

5 Requirements to be Kinesiologist

  1. Complete a 4-year University degree in Human Kinetics or related field
  2. Pass an exam and register with the provincial licensing body (i.e. the College of Kinesiologists of Ontario)
  3. Practice in accordance with all provincial guidelines and codes
  4. Have a strong knowledge of the latest techniques and exercises
  5. Have strong communication skills to work one-on-one with patients

What does a Kinesiologist do ?

A Kinesiologist works with clients to improve movement, performance and function of joints, limbs and muscles. They meet with clients and perform exams and basic tests to determine their needs, limitations and goals. A Kinesiologist designs a custom exercise and movement program that targets specific areas of the body for improvement. For long-term clients, this includes devising new plans that take improvement into account. Appointments are typically conducted in a private clinic, using equipment such as weights and bands. Typical duties of a Kinesiologist include:

  • Meet with clients and perform an assessment
  • Test for movement limitations
  • Design a custom movement and exercise plan
  • Teach clients proper movement and exercise techniques
  • Create rehab programs to treat acute and chronic injuries
  • Adjust programs for long-term clients
  • Keep patient records and perform admin duties

How to become Kinesiologist

To become a kinesiologist, it requires specific education and training. This is very important as it is a healthcare profession, with the goal of treating and alleviating physical pain and discomfort. Aspiring kinesiologists must complete a 4-year degree in Human Kinetics or a related field, including hands-on training with licenced and experienced kinesiologists. Once schooling is complete, they must pass an examination and successfully gain admission to the provincial licensing body, such as the College of Kinesiologists of Ontario.

Sectors of activity that are recruiting a Kinesiologist

Kinesiologists provide healthcare services. They can be recruited by private healthcare facilities, clinics and offices that serve individual patients dealing with physical ailments and chronic pain.

Outlook and career development as a Kinesiologist

The long-term employment outlook for kinesiologists is considered to be fair to good, especially in provinces with major cities/ Given the increased emphasis on wellness and well-being, there is the opportunity that more people will be seeking access to the services offered by kinesiologists.

Where does a Kinesiologist work

A kinesiologist can work in a private healthcare clinic or facility, sometimes in the same location that offers physiotherapy and related services. They can also establish their own independent practice in a location of their choice, or even offer in-home services to clients.

Other names of the profession Kinesiologist

According to the CNP code (national classification of occupations), here are the additional titles for kinesiologists:

  • kinanthropologist
  • licensed kinesiologist
  • play therapist
  • exercise physiologist
  • registered therapist
  • athletic therapist
  • certified athletic therapist / certified athletic therapist
  • movement therapist

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