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Job Description: Appliance Service Technician

An Appliance Service Technician fixes, maintains and repairs appliances for residential and commercial customers. They can work in repair shops and facilities, or make in-person visits to homes and businesses to make on-site repairs. They can be employed as part of the maintenance team for major companies and appliance manufacturers, or they can be self-employed freelance tradespeople.

5 Requirements To Be A Appliance Service Technician

  1. Receive a certificate/diploma from a trade school
  2. Complete apprenticeship with a qualified Repair Service Technician
  3. Join a provincial trade association (i.e. Ontario College of Trades)
  4. In-depth knowledge of appliance specifications and tool use
  5. Be able to think creatively to identify and troubleshoot unknown issues

What Does A Appliance Service Technician Do ?

An Appliance Service Technician performs maintenance and repair services for various types of appliances. They can fix toasters, microwaves and stoves in residential homes, washers, dryers and refrigeration units in industrial facilities, and everything in between. Each job is different, especially for Appliance Service Technicians who are self-employed. Typical duties and tasks include:

  • Communicate and schedule with clients
  • Travel to homes and businesses for maintenance
  • Inspect appliances and identify any issues
  • Perform repairs and fix problems with appliances
  • Replace defective parts with new components
  • Troubleshoot issues with clients over the phone
  • Research manuals to understand new appliances

How To Become A Appliance Service Technician

Appliance service technicians have specific training and certifications requirements in order to operate legally and safely. Aspiring technicians need to complete a diploma or certificate course in appliance service and repair from an accredited training program or technical institute. Certain companies and manufacturers will also require additional specific certifications to perform repairs and maintenance on their appliances. Trade certification in appliance service and repair is required in certain provinces, including Alberta. Red Seal certification is not mandatory, but is a strong asset, especially for technicians who may move between provinces.

Sectors Recruiting For A Appliance Service Technician

Appliance service technicians are recruited by the appliance servicing and repair sector, and can also work for clients in the manufacturing, construction, and wholesale trade sectors.

Career Outlook For A Appliance Service Technician

The long-term employment outlook for appliance service technicians is considered to be fair across the country. The number of job openings and job seekers in this profession are predicted to be broadly similar over the next 10 year period. Meaning that there will be some competition for available appliance service technician jobs.

Where Does A Appliance Service Technician Work

Appliance service technicians can work for repair and service companies, providing in-person services to residential, commercial and industrial clients. They can also be self-employed and start their own repair company, providing repair services to individual clients in homes, businesses and any locations where appliances are used and housed.

Related Job Titles

According to the CNP code (national classification of occupations), here are additional titles for an appliance service technician:

  • Appliance Repairer Apprentice
  • Appliance Repair Technician
  • Appliance Servicer
  • Appliance Maintenance Specialist
  • Appliance Maintenance Technician

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