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Job Description: Web Editor

A web editor is responsible for the content that appears on an organization's website and social media accounts. Web editors are responsible for creating the voice of a company, and work to build strong relationships with existing and potential clients. They create original and customized content to connect with a specific targeted demographic, allowing a company to grow. They conduct research, create content, edit additional pieces, upload it to the website and publish them on multiple channels to reach a wide audience. It is a role that needs a great deal of creativity and organization.

5 Requirements To Be A Web Editor

  1. Degree in Communications or a related field
  2. Additional certifications in specific web publishing programs
  3. A portfolio of diverse pieces of content
  4. The ability to think creatively as both an individual and part of a team
  5. Strong communication and organizational skills

What Does A Web Editor Do ?

A web editor is responsible for the curation, creation and publication of content on websites. This can include blog articles, newsletters, press releases, quarterly updates, and any other types of information that will be published on the website. Web editors can create the content themselves and also work with a team of content creators to produce content specifically tailored to the needs of a website. Typical duties of a web editor include:

  • Creating a content calendar and schedule
  • Creating written and visual content specifically tailored for a website
  • Collaborating with a team to create different pieces of content
  • Editing written content to ensure correct spelling and grammar
  • Working with graphic designers to create visual content
  • Uploading and publishing content via the company website
  • Updating company social media channels with fresh content and links
  • Responding to comments and interacting with customers
  • Analyzing traffic and other key performance indicators

How To Become A Web Editor

Many web editors will have a Bachelor’s Degree in English, Communications or a related field. Additionally certifications in related skills such as marketing, computer science or specific computer programs will not be necessary but will be an asset. Web editors need to demonstrate that they can think creatively on a regular basis, and it is important to have a diverse portfolio to share with prospective clients. Many web editors will need to complete employer-specific tests that attempt to measure their creativity and productivity.

Sectors Recruiting For A Web Editor

Web editors are recruited by businesses in multiple sectors, including B2C sales and marketing.

Career Outlook For A Web Editor

The long-term employment outlook for web editors is considered fair to good. As businesses in all sectors and job fields fully embrace the digital marketplace, there will be roles available for qualified web editors who can help make the transition successful.

Where Does A Web Editor Work

A web editor can work anywhere with a computer and an internet connection. Traditionally, they work in offices with colleagues as part of a digital content and marketing team. With the increase in remote working jobs, many web editors can now work from home in the virtual office. They can be employed as part of an in-house content team, or work for a business that creates content for multiple organizations.

Related Job Titles

According to the CNP code (national classification of occupations), here are the additional titles for a web editor:

  • Website editor
  • News editor
  • Associate editor
  • Contributing editor
  • Copy editor
  • Technical editor
  • Editorial consultant

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