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Job Description: UX Designer

An UX designer, also known as a User Experience Designer, is responsible for designing how users interact with websites, programs and apps. In addition to the technical aspects, they consider the entire user experience upon visiting a website or app. They collaborate with other content creators and designers to create the process in which people will interact with information and products in a digital space. It requires creative thinking and strong technical skills in order to design an UX that benefits the user.

5 Requirements To Be A UX Designer

  1. Degree or Diploma in Computer Sciences, Graphic Design or related field
  2. Additional certifications for specific programs and applications
  3. Demonstrable technical skills to create customized web sites
  4. A portfolio or examples of work designed with the best UX in mind
  5. Strong creative thinking, organizational and communication skills

What Does A UX Designer Do ?

An UX designer creates websites and apps with their primary focus on creating a positive and simplified user experience. They research and analyze existing websites and products to learn what does and does not create a positive experience for the user. They use programs to design an UX that meets the needs of their clients, often in collaboration with content creators and graphic designers. Typical duties of a UX designer include:

  • Meeting with clients who want to create websites and apps
  • Researching existing similar products and analyzing benefits and drawbacks
  • Using software to create prototype user experience to test interfaces
  • Examining and revising user experiences based on feedback
  • Collaborating with other content creators to generate material for sites and apps
  • Responding to customer feedback and updating UX as needed

How To Become A UX Designer

Aspiring UX designers must have strong technical skills and creative abilities. A degree or diploma in Computer Science, Graphic Design, Marketing, Programming or another related field may be required. Certain job opportunities may also require certification in specific programs and applications. UX designers need to be able to provide a portfolio or practical examples of websites they have created with the best user experience in mind.

Sectors Recruiting For A UX Designer

UX designers are recruited by businesses in the tech and design sectors.

Career Outlook For A UX Designer

The long-term employment outlook for UX designers is considered fair across most of the country, especially in major cities. The unemployment rate as of 2018 is 4.2%, which is below the national average. The number of job seekers looking to join the profession over the next 10 years is predicted to outpace the number of available jobs, 23,600 to 21,500. This will lead to increased competition among aspiring UX designers and may limit some opportunities.

Where Does A UX Designer Work

UX designers have traditionally worked in offices, along with other members of a content creation and digital marketing team. They can be employed by large companies as a permanent part of the IT and marketing departments, or they work specifically with digital design companies who are contracted by other clients. Many UX designers can also work as independent contractors, taking on freelance opportunities for clients as they see fit.

Related Job Titles

According to the CNP code (national classification of occupations), here are the additional titles for an UX designer:

  • User experience designer
  • Graphic designer
  • UX specialist
  • User experience specialist
  • Website designer

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