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Job Description: Paralegal

A paralegal works in a law firm or legal office, assisting lawyers with an array of tasks related to cases and administrative duties. It is an important role that requires specialized training and education to perform correctly. For those interested in a career in law, it is a more affordable and less time-consuming alternative to law school. It should be noted that Ontario is the only province in Canada to where paralegals can practice law, and then only in under certain conditions. The paralegal plays an important role in any law office, and it can be a rewarding career for professionals desire the chance to have an impact with their work.

5 Requirements To Be A Paralegal

  1. High level of integrity, honest and commitment to the law
  2. Very organized, determined and professional at all times
  3. Strong research and problem solving skills
  4. Certain education qualifications depending on the province
  5. Ontario only: Membership in the Law Society of Ontario (Formally the Law Society of Upper Canada)

What Does A Paralegal Do ?

A paralegal is assists lawyers working on legal cases and often are also responsible for running the office. They can do large amounts of research related to cases, gathering precedents and checking for updating statues. A paralegal may be responsible for much of the paperwork in a legal office, prepping legal documents for both lawyers and clients. They may have additional administrative tasks, including recording filing, making schedules, answering phone calls and emails, and ensuring the office runs smoothly. In Ontario, a paralegal can also practice law under certain circumstances, and representing clients facing cases related to minor offences, small claims court, labour issues and specific criminal matters.

  • Assist lawyers so they can successfully complete every case
  • Conduct research related to precedents and gather all relevant information
  • Prepare affidavits, declarations, briefs and other legal documents for court
  • Draft legal documents such as wills and real estate contracts
  • Schedule appointments between lawyers and clients
  • Take detailed notes during meetings
  • Update records as new laws and legislation are created
  • File and submit official documents
  • Provide legal representation to clients (certain provinces only)

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