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Job Description: Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistants keep businesses organized and on-track. Typically working in an office environment, administrative assistants perform a number of operational procedures and clerical tasks; from filing records, scheduling calls and speaking to visitors to prepping for meetings, tracking information and everything in between. They play a vital role supporting the day-to-day operation of all types of businesses in many different industries.

5 Requirements To Be An Administrative Assistant

  1. Highly organized and detailed-oriented
  2. Be able to multitask on a daily basis
  3. Ability to create and implement accurate filing systems
  4. Strong interpersonal abilities and communication skills
  5. Diploma/certificate in office management is an asset

What Does An Administrative Assistant Do ?

Administrative assistants are the heart of an office work environment. They fulfill any and all clerical tasks that are required to keep an office functioning. Other employees rely on administrative assistants to provide all manner of operational support, such as scheduling, filing and organization. Different companies will have their workflow and procedures organized in different ways, so the exact responsibilities and duties of an administrative assistant will vary among organizations.

  • Monitor all communications and respond to client questions
  • Arrange meetings, including scheduling coworkers and booking rooms
  • Create reports, memos, invoices and other types of official documentation
  • File all administrative records in an organized manner for easily retrieval
  • Create, edit and proofread reports and memos
  • Distribute mail and other important messages
  • Update contact lists, guides, archives and procedures
  • Greet visitors at the office
  • Ensure that proper office procedures are followed at all times

How To Become An Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistants usually have experience related to clerical work. There are diplomas and certifications available in related skills, such as business administration, but these are not requirements. To become an administrative assistant, applicants must be able to demonstrate strong organizational skills and the ability to multitask.

Sectors Recruiting For An Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistants are recruited by the business sector, and can assist companies who work in almost any secretary.

Career Outlook For An Administrative Assistant

The long-term employment outlook for administrative assistants is considered to be fair to good across the country. Over the next 10 years, there are predicted to be over 41,000 available administrative assistant job roles, and only 35,000 people looking to enter the profession. This means there will be a surplus of job opportunities, but they will be concentrated in specific cities and locations.

Where Does An Administrative Assistant Work

Administrative assistants primarily work in offices from a central workstation that allows them to coordinate and assist other colleagues. With the rise in remote work, administrative assistants can also work virtually, being on-call to assist managers via email, text and video conferencing.

Related Job Titles

According to the CNP code (national classification of occupations), here are the additional titles for an administrative assistant:

  • Private secretary
  • Technical secretary
  • Office administrative assistant
  • Office secretary
  • Office assistant
  • Personal assistant

Administrative Assistant Salaries

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