Jobillico inc.

Jobillico inc.

585, boul. Charest Est, Quebec City , QC G1K 3J2

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Here, everything is possible.

Ambitious and determined visionaries, we are motivated every day by a single mission: to make people happier at work.

Every day, we are fueled by the sweet madness of wanting to reinvent the world of employment, a world where everyone gives the best of themselves.

Our source of inspiration? Our employees. Every morning since 2010, they spread their joie de vivre and make the walls of the building vibrate with their creativity and positive energy. The result? Our company has the wind in its sails.

In concrete terms, Jobillico provides companies and candidates with innovative solutions to optimize their recruitment and simplify their job search.

Work environment

Located in the heart of the Nouvo St-Roch quarter in ultra-modern offices affording a stunning view of Quebec City’s upper town, Jobillico is a team of young and dynamicemployees who all pursuea common, highly stimulating goal: that of contributing to the success ofthis rapidly expanding company. And when the time comes to sit back and relax after a big day at work or to meet with a business partner, awide variety ofrestaurants and bars that beat to the rhythm of this vibrant and trendy neighbourhood are just a stone’s throw away.

Career management

Jobillico is a constantly evolving company giving those who work there the chance toadvance quickly and get involvedaccording to their strengths while offering the unique opportunities inherent to a recently founded and rapidly developing company. Do you have ideas and talent? We have a position waiting for you!

Community involvement

In a desire to contribute to the success of Quebec’s new guard, we are proud to partner Forces AVENIR, an organization that strives to recognize, honour and promote student commitment.