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Job Description: développeur/développeuse Web

A web developer is responsible for designing, coding and updating websites and other web-related products and services.

They can be employed by all types of clients, including working full-time for major corporations and working freelance for individuals and small businesses. Their main task is using their technical knowledge and design skills to create websites that meet the needs and demands of clients.

They write and update the code that forms websites and web-based products, and carry out technical tests to ensure optimized performance and efficiency of all website functionalities.

5 Requirements To Be A développeur/développeuse Web

A web developer must have the following qualities:

  1. Degree or diploma in computer science or related field
  2. A strong understanding of coding, html, javascript and other programs
  3. Able to think both technically and creatively
  4. Open to feedback and collaboration
  5. Self-motivated and able to meet deadlines

What Does A développeur/développeuse Web Do ?

Web developers design, create, repair and upgrade websites for businesses, firms, organizations and individual clients. The websites that they design allow visitors to find important information, purchase products and contact the business in question for assistance.

Typical tasks for a web developer include:

  • Determine the website requirements for clients
  • Meet with clients to discuss plan and needs
  • Collect and integrate relevant information
  • Code and build websites of all types
  • Create website content while using graphics, databases, and other software
  • Optimize website for best SEO practices
  • Create proposal and designs for website upgrades and repairs

How To Become A développeur/développeuse Web

There are basic education requirements to become a professional web developer. College diplomas in computer studies, web design, business admin or graphic design are common, and university degrees in computer science, programming, communications, business and tech-related majors are also a strong asset. For web developers to apply for full-time job roles with big companies, they will likely be required to have a strong knowledge of specific software programs and operating systems.

Sectors Recruiting For A développeur/développeuse Web

The demand is very high for trades related to information technology, especially for web developers. They can work in all sectors.

The information technology sector offers many opportunities for full-time web developers, while freelancers can work for clients based in all types of industries. Common types of companies that employ web developers include tech firms, app developers, HR and recruitment firms and government agencies.

Individual clients for freelancers include anyone who wants a website, especially small and medium businesses looking to create online stores and promote themselves to prospective clients. There is a great deal of freedom for web developers who wish to go out and advertise their own services to prospective clients.

Career Outlook For A développeur/développeuse Web

As virtually all businesses continue to transition into the digital marketplace, there remains a strong need for experienced and versatile web developers. With online shopping rates reaching an all-time high, small businesses looking to create online stores continue to turn to web developers to design simple and effective retail options for their customers. As tech continues to play a huge role in the daily life of businesses and companies, there will remain a need for web developers who can excel in their role.

Related Job Titles

According to the CNP code (national classification of occupations), here are other common job titles for web developers:

  • web administrator
  • web designer
  • web designer
  • Intranet site designer
  • web designer
  • web developer
  • website developer
  • developer of intranet sites
  • web developer
  • e-business website developer
  • e-commerce website developer
  • web manager
  • webmaster
  • corporate webmaster

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