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Job Description: Shoemaker

Shoemakers, also known as cobblers, are artisan tradespeople who design, create and repair customised footwear. It is a highly skilled profession, calling for precision craftsmanship and detailed work to create unique shoes, boots and other forms of footwear. They use high quality materials such as leather to hand-make custom orders made to fit specific customers. They can be self-employed or work in shops that appeal to customers seeking artisanal goods.

5 Requirements To Be A Shoemaker

  1. Complete a course in shoemaking and cobbling (asset)
  2. Complete an apprenticeship with an experienced shoemaker
  3. Understand the tools and machinery used to make custom footwear
  4. Have a creative vision to design visually-appealing and long-lasting footwear
  5. Be comfortable working with clients and completing work to their specifications

What Does A Shoemaker Do ?

A shoemaker designs and makes custom footwear, and repairs existing footwear. They can be commissioned by clients to create products to exact sizes using specific materials, and also design made-to-order shoes, boots and sandals. Typical duties of a Shoemaker include:

  • Selecting high quality materials for footwear
  • Designing and creating patterns to follow
  • Cutting out and install the various components
  • Sewing, gluing and polishing the final components to complete footwear
  • Using tools and equipment to repair and fix broken footwear
  • Performing general upkeep on footwear to remove stains and weathering
  • Working with clients to create custom products
  • Keeping all tools and machines in proper working order

How To Become A Shoemaker

Shoemakers are artisan craftspeople, and the best way for someone to learn the trade is through an apprenticeship with an experienced shoemaker. There are not specific requirements, but certifications in operating certain tools and equipment involved in the process are available. For people interested in creating orthopedic footwear, certification in orthopedic medicine will be required. Aspiring shoemakers should investigate joining the artisan guild of their province or territory.

Sectors Recruiting For A Shoemaker

Shoemakers are recruited by the manufacturing and artisan trade sector.

Career Outlook For A Shoemaker

The long-term employment outlook for shoemakers is considered limited. It is a niche and artisan profession, with a limited consumer base and the job market is not predicted to expand over the next several years.

Where Does A Shoemaker Work

A shoemaker works in a workshop creating and repairing custom footwear. These shops can also be retail locations selling custom footwear for clients.

Related Job Titles

According to the CNP code (national classification of occupations), here are additional titles for a shoemaker:

  • Private secretary
  • Technical secretary
  • Office administrative assistant
  • Office secretary
  • Office assistant
  • Personal assistant

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