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Job Description: Security Guard

Security guards provide protection for people, locations, events and valuable property. It is an important role for responsible and serious-minded people who have been properly trained to address potentially dangerous scenarios. In Canada, security guards are required to undergo specialized training and receive the proper certification before beginning the job. Each province has its own specific requirements that need to be researched, although the qualifications remain fairly similar in each jurisdiction. Security guards may receive training related to crowd control, first aid and even weapons use. Typically, security guards will be employed by a security company who will then be hired be various third parties resulting in opportunities to work in a variety of venues. Some security guards may also be contracted for private security, working with individuals or smaller groups.

5 Requirements To Be A Security Guard

  1. Meet provincial age requirement with a clean criminal record
  2. Graduate from an accredited training course or program
  3. Complete provincial licensing exam and receive license (e.g. Ontario Security Guard License)
  4. Be currently certified in CPR/Emergency First Aid
  5. Have strong interpersonal and leadership skills to manage large crowds

What Does A Security Guard Do ?

A security guard provides security and protection services for people and venues. Depending on their employer, they may be providing event security at large events and locations, or private security for individuals or small groups of people. Their daily responsibilities include assessing situations for possible threats and using security equipment and their observational skills to prevent criminal activity. A good security guard researches the location before hand and creates plans to address a variety of situations. They coordinate with other members of their security team, venue staff and – depending on circumstances – law enforcement officials to ensure adequate safety. Security guards may be required to act quickly to diffuse dangerous situations in order to ensure the safety of their clients and the public.

  • Travel to and assess locations and venues
  • Organize entry and exit of restricted locations
  • Check logs and reports of other security team members
  • Patrol and monitor area for suspicious behavior
  • Prevent criminal activity from occurring (theft, breaking and entering, etc)
  • Sign-in visitors and authorized personnel and check security passes
  • Coordinate with other security guards
  • Detain or escort rule-violators away from the premises
  • Contact law enforcement officials when appropriate
  • Escort important or valuable asset (money, equipment)
  • Use security equipment and even weapons when necessary
  • Provide immediate assistance during emergency situations
  • Write and update reports and security logs

How To Become A Security Guard

Given the sensitive nature of the job role, there are specific training and licensing requirements for security guards. Aspiring security guards must first have a clean criminal record and successfully complete an accredited training course or program. They then must pass the provincial licensing exam, such as the Ontario Security Guard License exam, in order to receive their license. Most security guards will also need to be certified in CPR and emergency first aid. Depending on which job roles in the security field they wish to take on, additional certifications and licences such firearms and armoured vehicle driving will be required.

Sectors Recruiting For A Security Guard

Security guards are recruited by private security companies, who are then hired by clients that can include individuals, businesses and government branches

Career Outlook For A Security Guard

The long-term employment outlook for security guards is considered fair across the country. The demand for security guards is expected to keep pace with the number of people seeking to enter the profession over the next 10 years.

Where Does A Security Guard Work

Security guards typically work for private security companies, who are then hired by clients to provide security services. Security guards can work at almost any location, such as banks, stores, hospitals, airports, storage facilities, parking garages, manufacturing plants. government facilities and many more. The job role often requires shift work, including working overnight.

Related Job Titles

According to the CNP code (national classification of occupations), here are additional titles for a translator:

  • Nightwatch person
  • Overnight guard
  • Security supervisor
  • Guard

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