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Pest Control Technician, also called Pest Management Technicians or Exterminators, specialize in the control of removal of invasive pests and animals. They investigate invasive animals and insects and permanently remove them using chemicals, cages and mechanical traps. Pest Control Technicians work on all property types, from residential homes to industrial facilities and remove single animals or entire infestations. A Pest Control Technician may be called in when there are only signs of possible infestation, such as droppings or scratches, and be required to identify the invasive species. Pest Control Technicians are typically self-employed, operating on a per-client basis.

5 Requirements to be Pest Control Technician

  1. Apply and receive study materials from the provincial authority (i.e. Ontario Pesticide Training and Certification)
  2. Pass the certification examination to receive a Pesticide Exterminator Licence
  3. Complete any additional training to be certified to safely use pesticides
  4. Have a strong safety knowledge of all tools, equipment and chemicals used in pest control
  5. Be a problem solver able to think on your feet and adapt have you identify the pest problem

What does a Pest Control Technician do ?

A Pest Control Technician inspects homes and buildings to identify invasive species and possible infestation. They can perform regular inspections, such as for commercial businesses, or be called at the request of the homeowner. A Pest Control Technician uses various methods and types of equipment to successfully remove pests while ensuring the safety of the building and all occupants. Jobs can be as simple as placing a few traps, or as complex as tenting and fumigating an entire building. Once complete, they gather all equipment and safely dispose of pests and any chemicals. Typical duties of a Pest Control Technician include:

  • Perform a building inspection to identify pests
  • Designs a plan using equipment and techniques to remove pests
  • Set traps for rodents and bugs
  • Use poison to remove nests
  • Fumigate entire buildings if necessary
  • Clean up after pests to leave a clean area behind
  • Properly dispose of all chemicals in accordance with the law
  • Identify and fix the source of the infestation
  • Provide homeowners with the correct info to prevent future infestation

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