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Osteopathic Manual Practitioners, commonly referred to as Osteopaths, provide health care services related to manual manipulation of joints, limbs, muscles, bones and other body parts. They perform treatments designed to treat injuries and chronic conditions that limit mobility and cause pain. The main goal of an Osteopath is to restore functionality to the structures and systems of the body. An Osteopath commonly works in a private practice, seeing clients treat acute conditions and providing regular care to those with chronic conditions of the musculoskeletal systems of the body. An Osteopath can also be a certified massage therapist, physiotherapist or kinesiologist.

5 Requirements to be Osteopath

  1. A diploma in osteopathic manual practice from a qualified institution
  2. Correct hands-on training in osteopathic manual practice techniques
  3. Membership in a provincial accistion (such as the Ontario Association of Osteopathic Manual Practitioners)
  4. Be comfortable working with your hands and in a physical job role
  5. Have strong communication skills and willingness to work with clients

What does a Osteopath do ?

An Osteopath provides osteopathic care to patients dealing with accurate or long-term physical ailments. This involves meeting with patients to understand their problems and devising custom treatment plans utilizing the latest techniques and practices, Each person will be different, and an Osteopath must be patient and willing to meet their unique care needs. As Osteopaths primarily work in private clinics, there will also be administrative tasks needed to keep their records up to date. Typical duties of an Osteopath include:

  • Meet with new patients and diagnose problems and ailments
  • Design custom treatment plans to relieve pain and improve functionality
  • Implement different techniques depending on how a patient reacts to treatment
  • Revise and update treatment plans for patients with chronic ailments
  • Use manual adjustment techniques to restore muscle and skeletal systems to their optimal mobility
  • Process insurance claims and update patient records
  • Perform additional administrative tasks to as required

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