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Optometrists are healthcare professionals who specialize in eye health and primary vision care. Optometrists are primarily known for performing eye examinations and prescribing lenses for glasses and contact lenses. They perform careful examination and meet with patients to determine their unique vision care needs and design custom eyewear and vision care treatment plans. They attend specialized multi-year optometry schools, but do not have medical degrees.

5 Requirements to be Optometrist

  1. A minimum of three years of undergraduate education (sciences preferred)
  2. Complete a 3-5 program in optometry at an accredited optometry school
  3. Pass the exam by the Optometry Examining Board of Canada
  4. Gain admission to a provincial licencing board (i.e. the College of Optometrists of Ontario)
  5. Have both strong technical knowledge and personal skills to best serve patients

What does a Optometrist do ?

An Optometrist provides specialized primary vision care. They examine patients experiencing symptoms such as blurred vision, trouble focusing, far or near sightedness and other related issues. They use specialized equipment such as ophthalmoscopes and biomicroscopes to carefully look at a patient's eyes, including the cornea and pupil, to determine the cause. An optometrist then prescribes lenses for glasses and contacts lenses in order to correct the problem and allow a patient to see clearly. The typical duties of an Optometrist includes:

  • Meet with patients experience vision issues
  • Exam a patient's eyes to identify any problems
  • Prescribe lenses for glasses and contacts
  • Re-exam existing patients to determine if a new prescription is needed
  • Educate a patient on proper vision care techniques
  • Keep detailed records as required by law
  • Process patient insurance claims and related admin tasks
  • Refer patients to other specialists if necessary

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