Job Description Optician

An Optician is a specialist technician who designs, maintains and fits lenses and frames for glasses, contact lenses and other eyesight corrective devices. They take prescriptions that have been made by ophthalmologists or optometrists and fill them by making custom eyewear to meet the unique needs of every patient. They do not perform visual examinations, but will confirm that each lens is correct and the devices fit properly. They play a major role in ensuring that glasses and contact lenses work correctly and fit properly.

5 Requirements to be Optician

  1. Complete an Opticianry Program at an accredited learning institution
  2. Pass the NACOR National Optical Sciences Examination
  3. Register with and receive a licence from the provincial regulatory agency (i.e. College of Opticians)
  4. Undertake additional courses, exams and registration as a Licence Contact Lens Fitter (optional)
  5. Possess the ability to focus on small details to complete precision work

What does a Optician do ?

An Optician takes a prescription issued by an ophthalmologist or optometrist and creates the corresponding glasses, contact lenses or other eyewear. They typically operate their own businesses, and patients will travel to meet them with their prescriptions, returning for fitting and any maintenance. It is precision work, as each patient will have a different prescription and need eyewear that fit them specifically. Typical duties of an Optician can include:

  • Create custom
  • eyeglass lenses and contact lenses based on a prescription
  • Use precision tool to cut lenses to the exact width and shape required
  • Measure patients to design custom frames
  • Insert lenses into frames and ensure they are secure
  • Properly fit frames to patients to ensure a proper fit
  • Teach the patient about proper home maintenance and care technique
  • Repair and fix existing eyewear
  • Troubleshoot problems with glasses and contact lenses

Resume template for Optician