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Job Description: Optician

An Optician is a specialist technician who designs, maintains and fits lenses and frames for glasses, contact lenses and other eyesight corrective devices. They take prescriptions that have been made by ophthalmologists or optometrists and fill them by making custom eyewear to meet the unique needs of every patient. They do not perform visual examinations, but will confirm that each lens is correct and the devices fit properly. They play a major role in ensuring that glasses and contact lenses work correctly and fit properly.

5 Requirements To Be An Optician

  1. Complete an Opticianry Program at an accredited learning institution
  2. Pass the NACOR National Optical Sciences Examination
  3. Register with and receive a licence from the provincial regulatory agency (i.e. College of Opticians)
  4. Undertake additional courses, exams and registration as a Licence Contact Lens Fitter (optional)
  5. Possess the ability to focus on small details to complete precision work

What Does An Optician Do ?

An Optician takes a prescription issued by an ophthalmologist or optometrist and creates the corresponding glasses, contact lenses or other eyewear. They typically operate their own businesses, and patients will travel to meet them with their prescriptions, returning for fitting and any maintenance. It is precision work, as each patient will have a different prescription and need eyewear that fit them specifically. Typical duties of an Optician can include:

  • Create custom
  • eyeglass lenses and contact lenses based on a prescription
  • Use precision tool to cut lenses to the exact width and shape required
  • Measure patients to design custom frames
  • Insert lenses into frames and ensure they are secure
  • Properly fit frames to patients to ensure a proper fit
  • Teach the patient about proper home maintenance and care technique
  • Repair and fix existing eyewear
  • Troubleshoot problems with glasses and contact lenses

How To Become An Optician

Opticians are healthcare professionals, and there are specified educational achievements and training that is required, although this does not include medical school as they are not licensed to practice medicine. Aspiring opticians must earn a degree or diploma from an accidented training program. Upon completion of this training, they must take and pass the NACOR National Optical Sciences Examination. Finally, they must register and receive a licence with their provincial or territorial regulatory body, such as the College of Opticians of Ontario.

Sectors Recruiting For An Optician

Opticians are predominantly recruited by the healthcare sector, primarily for private practices. They can work in conjunction with optometrists and ophthalmologists, but are not typically recruited by hospitals or doctor’s offices.

Career Outlook For An Optician

The long-term employment outlook for opticians is considered to be fair to good. There are estimated to be more than 5,600 available opticians positions over the next decade, but only 4,900 people entering the profession. This means that there will likely be a labour shortage and increased demand for qualified opticians.

Where Does An Optician Work

Opticians primarily work in vision care clinics and in eyewear retail shops. They create custom glasses lenses and contact lenses, and working in retail shops that specialize in eyewear provides a simple way to meet customers.

Related Job Titles

According to the CNP code (national classification of occupations), here are additional titles for opticians:

  • Contact lens fitter
  • Ophthalmic instrument distributor
  • Optician
  • Dispensing optician
  • Contact lens technician
  • Glasses lens technician

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