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Job Description: Ophthalmologist

Ophthalmologists are medical doctors who specialize in issues of the eye and the optical system. They perform routine examinations, complex surgeries and every type of vision care procedure in between in order to help patients maintain as strong optical health as possible. An Ophthalmologist can also perform ophthalmological research to discover new treatments and medicines related to vision care. They can work with optometrists and opticians, while differing because an Ophthalmologist graduated from medical school as compared to specialized postgraduate education and technical training for optometrists and opticians.

5 Requirements To Be An Ophthalmologist

  1. Have a 3-4 University degree (preferably pre-med or science)
  2. Graduate medical school and become an MD licenced for surgery
  3. Complete a residency program and fellowship, specializing in Ophthalmology
  4. Join the provincial licensing organization (i.e. Eye Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario - Ontario Medical Association)
  5. Have strong both a strong medical knowledge and bedside manner

What Does An Ophthalmologist Do ?

An Ophthalmologist performs eye exams, diagnosis eye problems and performs complex procedures. Given their advanced medical training, they perform surgeries related to the optical system. This also involves pre-op consultation and post-op followup care. Many Ophthalmologists work in hospitals, due to the complex nature of their role. They can also work at research hospitals and universities performing research related to vision care. The typical duties of an Ophthalmologist include:

  • Consult and diagnosis with patient experiencing vision issues
  • Perform eye examinations and related vision care tests
  • Prescribe lenses, applications and medicines
  • Perform surgeries and procedures to treat eye issues
  • Teach patients proper vision care techniques
  • Research new treatments and medications
  • Refer patients to other doctors if their health issues overlap

How To Become An Ophthalmologist

Ophthalmologists are licensed medical doctors, so the path to this career requires significant education and specialized study. First, aspiring ophthalmologists must complete a 4-year Bachelor’s of Science degree, majoring in either Pre-Medicine or Science. Next they must attend medical school, graduate and be licensed to practise medicine. Then they must complete a medical residency and fellowship with a specialized focus on ophthalmological medicine. Finally, they must gain admission into the provincial or territorial licensing organization, such as the Eye Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, a branch of the Ontario Medical Association.

Sectors Recruiting For An Ophthalmologist

Ophthalmologists are medical doctors, and as such are required by the healthcare sector. They are primarily recruited by hospitals, but may also be recruited by private healthcare facilities or at research laboratories.

Career Outlook For An Ophthalmologist

The long-term employment outlook for ophthalmologists is considered to be good, with opportunities to be found in different locations across the country. There is currently a 0.6% unemployment rate among ophthalmologists, and there is actually predicted to be a labour shortage in the coming years as there will be more available job opportunities than there will be qualified professionals.

Where Does An Ophthalmologist Work

As medical doctors, ophthalmologists primarily work in hospitals, doctor’s offices and clinics where they provide care treatments and perform surgeries for patients. They can also work in private healthcare facilities, or in laboratories performing medical research related to ophthalmology.

Related Job Titles

According to the CNP code (national classification of occupations), here are additional titles for ophthalmologists:

  • Ophthalmological surgeon
  • Ophthalmological doctor
  • Ophthalmological physician
  • Eye doctor
  • Eye surgeon

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