Job Description Naturopath

Naturopaths are practitioners of alternative medicine. They believe in using natural ingredients, remedies and treatments for illnesses and conditions. Naturopaths purport to treat the body, mind and spirit, with techniques also focusing on the causes of pain such as stress and anxiety. Due to the fact that they are not medical doctors, Naturopaths practice in private clinics and offices. Some Naturopaths may have additional training to homeopathy and other forms of alternative medicine.

5 Requirements to be Naturopath

  1. Complete a 4-year accredited program in naturopathy
  2. Register with the provincial regulatory body (i.e. the College of Naturopaths Of Ontario)
  3. Get Professional Liability Insurance as required by law
  4. Possess a strong working knowledge of ingredients, medicines and treats
  5. Have strong one-on-one communication skills and ease working with patients

What does a Naturopath do ?

A Naturopath using natural methods to treat and alleviate various types of health issues. They meet with clients to discuss their health issues and design a customized treatment plan to meet their unique health needs. With additional training, they can use various treatment methods including massage, acupuncture and acupressure, spinal manipulation, reflexology, and herbal remedies. Typical duties of a Naturopath include:

  • Meet with clients and discuss healthcare needs
  • Identify issues related to physical and overall health
  • Use natural remedies, ingredients and medicine to treat issues
  • Use of natural methods such as massages, acupuncture and related treatments
  • Keep records and perform related administrative tasks

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