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Design the technology the powers the world as a mechanical engineer. A mechanical engineer develops and designs machines, devices and other pieces of technology for personal, commercial and industrial use. It is a job that requires both a strong learned knowledge of technique and requirements, and also a creative eye to rethink familiar technology and approach it in a new way. There is a strong educational component, with Bachelor’s Degrees in Engineering from accredited universities as a minimum requirement for those looking to enter the field. It is a stable career that offers continuous opportunities as mechanical technology continues to develop and change at a rapid pace.

5 Requirements to be Mechanical Engineer

  1. Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Mechanical Engineering
  2. Certified and licensed by provincial authority (depends on jurisdiction)
  3. Very strong mechanical and mathematical skills
  4. Creativity and the ability devise new and innovative solutions to problems
  5. Multitasking skills in order to keep all parts of large projects in focus

What does a Mechanical Engineer do ?

A mechanical engineer is typically employed by an engineering firm or a governmental department. They spend their days designing and revising mechanical projects to meet the requirements of individuals, commercial companies and industrial clients. Mechanical engineering projects are complex and require longer periods of time to be completed correctly and safely. It is important for a mechanical engineer to carefully record their daily progress and write updated reports in order make sure that they are correctly following every step of the design and manufacture process. A mechanical engineer will likely be working on multiple projects simultaneously, so they must keep accurate records and be prepared to move around to different parts of the process as the need arises.

  • Draft and design custom products
  • Study existing mechanical tech
  • Participate in meetings and brainstorming sessions
  • Build, test and rebuild prototypes
  • Use specialized computer software
  • Oversee assembly and construction
  • Communicate all important info to the build team
  • Provide updates and progress reports to clients and managers
  • Ensure the final product meets legal requirements and client specifications

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