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Job Description: Mechanic

A mechanic is a tradesperson specializing in the design, installation, maintenance and repair of mechanical systems. They can work as independent contractors, working on projects for individual clients, or as part of a team in factories, repair shops, construction crews and other types of industrial business. It is a job role that requires a great deal of specific knowledge combined with hands-on practical expertise. They can be responsible for everything from installing small components in machines to servicing entire fleets of industrial machinery.

5 Requirements To Be A Mechanic

  1. Graduate from a technical/trade school
  2. Complete apprenticeship with provincial trade organization
  3. Receive Certificate of Qualification or equivalent credential
  4. Have in-depth knowledge of mechanical tools, equipment and systems
  5. Be able to safely troubleshoot problems and pay close attention to detail.

What Does A Mechanic Do ?

A Mechanic is responsible for repairing and maintaining machinery, equipment and systems of all shapes and sizes. A Mechanic will typically specialize in a specific area, such as HVAC systems, construction equipment, vehicle repair and others. For self-employed Mechanics, they often perform repair services for individuals and small businesses. Some of the daily tasks can include:

  • Troubleshoot and repair various mechanical equipment and systems
  • Travel to residential and commercial locations to inspect and diagnose problems
  • Replace faulty equipment and install new components on existing machinery
  • Perform regular maintenance to keep mechanical systems functioning correctly
  • Conduct safety inspections to ensure equipment is operating within guidelines
  • Design custom mechanical systems that match the specific needs of clients

How To Become A Mechanic

Aspiring mechanics need to complete a great deal of hands-on training in order to enter the industry with the proper knowledge. They must earn a diploma or certificate in a specific field of mechanical repair from an accredited trade school and complete a multi-year apprenticeship with a licensed mechanic. Trade certification and other specific certifications are mandatory in many provinces, as is enrollment in a provincial trade association such as the Ontario College of Trades. It is important for those wishing to enter the profession to learn the exact requirements for their provincial or territorial jurisdiction.

Sectors Recruiting For A Mechanic

Mechanics are recruited by the repair and maintenance sector to service the needs of individual, commercial and industrial clients.

Career Outlook For A Mechanic

The long-term employment outlook for mechanics is considered fair across the country. People and organizations will continue to need the services of qualified mechanics, guaranteed opportunity. The number of people looking to enter the profession over the next 10 years is predicted to slightly outpace the number of available jobs, leading to increased competition depending on the location.

Where Does A Mechanic Work

Many mechanics work from a central shop or garage that is stocked with the tools and equipment needed to make repairs. These garages can be part of a large organization or a franchise, or mechanics can establish their own shops. Mechanics can also offer in-person maintenance and repair services, leading them to travel and work in various locations.

Related Job Titles

According to the CNP code (national classification of occupations), here are additional and related titles for a mechanic:

  • automobile mechanic
  • automotive service technician
  • bus mechanic
  • truck and transport mechanic
  • transmission mechanic

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