Job Description Ironworker

An Ironwork is a tradesperson who installs the structural framework using devices made from iron and other materials as part of the construction process. This is a specialized role, which involves designing and creating reinforced components for residential, commercial and industrial construction projects. Ironworkers typically work as members of a construction crew, working alongside cement mixers, foundation experts and general construction workers to build all types of structures. A great deal of skill and knowledge is required, as failing to complete this process correctly may result in structures which are not structurally sound. It is a physical job, which involves working with industrial-grade tools and equipment for prolonged periods of time.

5 Requirements to be Ironworker

  1. Complete certified courses in ironworking and related skills (ex. welding)
  2. Complete a 2-3 year apprenticeship with an experience Ironworker
  3. Receive trade certification from the provincial regulatory body
  4. Learn to operate tools and equipment correctly and safely at all times
  5. Know all legal regulations and guidelines cover structural reinforcement

What does a Ironworker do ?

An Ironworker designs and installs rods, bars, trellises and cables in order to reinforce buildings that are being constructed. If not done correctly, a structure may be weak and have a greater chance of collapse. They play an important role in the construction process, from the design stage to completion. An Ironworker will work as part of time to design the type of supports that will be necessary, before creating and installing these components. Typical duties of an Ironworker include:

  • Meeting with clients to propose construction projects
  • Working with architects to design structurally sound buildings
  • Creating blueprints and plans to detail structural reinforcement
  • Manufacture and cut components from metal and other materials
  • Pour the concrete into the formwork;
  • Install bars, trellises and reinforcements;
  • Position and fix the reinforcements to pour the concrete
  • Test reinforcements to ensure proper function
  • Correctly file all plans and paperwork as required by law

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