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Job Description: Funeral Director

A Funeral Director, also known as a Mortician or Undertaker, plans and organizes funerals and prepares the deceased, all in accordance with the wishes of the family. They work with people who have recently lost a loved one in order to plan a service and memorial that fits their beliefs and allows for a time to grieve and mourn. Funeral Directors need the scientific knowledge to prepare the deceased for the funeral, and the communication and organization skills to plan a proper event with the family during an extremely emotional time.

5 Requirements To Be A Funeral Director

  1. A certificate or diploma in funeral services
  2. Membership in a trade organization (Funeral Service Association of Canada)
  3. Knowledge of proper embalming and preparation techniques
  4. Understanding of multiple religious beliefs systems covering funerals services
  5. Empathy, patience, and understanding while working with grieving families

What Does A Funeral Director Do ?

A Funeral Director is responsible for the planning, preparation and overseeing of funerals and memorial services. They meet with family members to learn about their beliefs and wishes in order to plan a service that accurately reflects the life of the deceased, and assist with the grieving process. There are also legal requirements covering the handling of the deceased, and a Funeral Director must be sure to follow them at all times. Typical duties of a Funeral Director include:

  • Meet with a beavered individual or family
  • Discuss the type of funeral or memorial service that is desired
  • Plan all the details of the service
  • Contact and arrange services with religious officials
  • Prepare the deceased in accordance with family wishes
  • Be present during the service to support mourners
  • Arrange for transportation to the cemetery when necessary
  • Following all legal requirements and file necessary documents

How To Become A Funeral Director

People who wish to become funeral directors must earn a certificate or diploma in funeral services from an accredited training program. They then successfully gain members in a regulatory trade organization such as the Funeral Service Association of Canada. Additional training in events management is a benefit, but not a requirement.

Sectors Recruiting For A Funeral Director

Funeral directors are recruited by the funeral services industry.

Career Outlook For A Funeral Director

The long-term employment outlook for funeral directors is considered to be fair to good, with a lot depending on the location where a funeral director seeks employment. There will continue to be opportunities for those wishing to join this industry over the next 3-5 years.

Where Does A Funeral Director Work

Funeral directors work in private funeral homes, where they organize funeral services. Their duties may also take them to specific memorial venues, religious places of worship and cemeteries.

Related Job Titles

According to the CNP code (national classification of occupations), here are additional titles for funeral director:

  • Mortician
  • Undertaker
  • Embalmer

Funeral Director Salaries

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