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Job Description: Firefighter

A firefighter is an emergency response worker who specializes in combating fires and fire-related situations. Their primary role is to combat fires on all types of properties, from residential homes and commercial buildings, to large-scale industrial properties and even public areas. Similar to law enforcement and EMTs, it can be a very high pressure job but can also make for a rewarding career for the right person. Given the dangerous nature of the job, candidates who want to be firefighters are required to undergo highly specialized training and education, and must pass rigorous examinations to ensure they perform the role correctly and safely. Firefighters also respond to car accidents, medical situations, and other emergencies and must be prepared to properly deal with all of them.

5 Requirements To Be A Firefighter

  1. Certification or diploma from a specialized training program accredited by the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (e.g. the Pre-Service Fire Fighter Education & Training Program Certification)
  2. A Standard First Aid certificate and CPR certification
  3. A valid Class “G” Driver’s License in order to legally drive the fire truck
  4. Meet the physical requirements and successfully complete any fitness tests
  5. Strong teamwork skills and the ability to follow proper rules and procedures

*different jurisdictions may require additional levels of specialized training

What Does A Firefighter Do ?

Firefighters work to serve and protect the public on daily basis by practicing the five pillars of Emergency Management: Prevention, Mitigation, Preparedness, Response and Recovery. They work in teams to respond to various types of emergencies, both fire-related and other. Once they receive an emergency call, firefighters travel to the location, assess the situation and immediately put the proper procedures into motion to keep people safe and minimize danger. This can include fighting fires, recuing people from buildings, removing people from vehicles involved in accidents, responding to alarms and collaborating with additional emergency responders. Firefighters also perform administrative duties and have maintenance responsibilities at the firehouse that must be performed.

  • Respond to emergency calls involving fires, accidents and other scenarios
  • Employ correct procedures to address dangerous situations and protect the public
  • Coordinate with police, EMTs and other emergency responders
  • Provide certain types of medical assistance to people in distress
  • Educate the public on fire safety techniques
  • Undertake additional training programs and exercises
  • Inspect fire alarms and prevention systems in public and private buildings
  • Conduct Safety and maintenance checks on all equipment and vehicles
  • Complete chores including cleaning and meal preparation
  • Perform admin duties such as properly creating logs and reports

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