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Job Description Digital marketing specialist

A digital marketing specialist creates content and designs marketing strategies to grow a digital audience. They are employed by companies to promote products and services, using their creativity to help clients stand out in a crowded digital marketplace. They can work freelance or as part of a team which analyzes trends, studies digital marketing campaigns and interprets the results to better understand the effect on the target audience. It is a job that requires creativity, technical skills and organizational abilities in order to create original and attention-grabbing content that will lead to audience engagement and growth.

5 Requirements to be Digital marketing specialist

  1. Degree or Diploma in Communications, Marketing or related field
  2. Certifications and accreditations in PR and media studies is an asset.
  3. A portfolio of creative work that demonstrates creative abilities
  4. Knowledge of computer software and programs used for digital content creation
  5. Employers may require successful completion of language fluency tests

What does a Digital marketing specialist do ?

A digital marketing specialist creates digital content that is designed to share information, raise awareness and grow the audience of a company, business or organization. They create written, visual, video and interactive content in a variety of mediums that is targeted towards specific markets and audiences. They tend to work as part of a team that maps out a content calendar and schedule, designed materials that will promote a company and its products and services to as wide an audience as possible.

Typical duties of a digital marketing specialist include:

  • Creating custom written, visual and interactive digital content
  • Meeting with clients and employers to assess their content marketing needs
  • Brainstorming possible content ideas as part of a team
  • Researching existing marketing campaigns and recent trends
  • Designing marketing campaigns to increase awareness of a company
  • Tracking the progress of existing marketing campaigns through traffic and shares
  • Analyzing ongoing campaigns to learn more about the audience reach
  • Reviewing feedback from data and comments to make improvements

How to become Digital marketing specialist

Digital marketing specialists should first complete a degree or diploma in communications, marketing, PR or a related field. Additional training and certification in specific forms of content creation, such as graphic design, will be an asset. It will also be beneficial to have demonstrable knowledge of the programs and applications used to analyze and promote internet traffic, such as Google Ads. When applying for jobs in the industry, aspiring digital marketing specialists should have a portfolio of their existing work that shows they can think creatively to create original content that meets the needs of their clients.

Sectors of activity that are recruiting a Digital marketing specialist

Digital marketing specialists are recruited by businesses in the marketing and B2C sales sectors.

Outlook and career development as a Digital marketing specialist

The long-term employment outlook for digital marketing specialists is considered fair to good. The rapid growth of digital sales for small and medium businesses means that they need assistance to make a name for themselves in the digital marketplace, creating new opportunities. Over the next 10 years it is predicted that there will be 46,000 job openings for digital marketing specialists and 44,100 qualified people looking to join the profession.

Where does a Digital marketing specialist work

Digital marketing specialists have traditionally worked in offices as part of the content and marketing team for large companies and organizations. They can also work for companies that specialize in digital marketing and be contracted by other businesses. It is also becoming increasingly common for digital marketing specialists to freelance assignments for individual clients, working remotely from their own home or office.

Other names of the profession Digital marketing specialist

According to the CNP code (national classification of occupations), here are the additional titles for a digital marketing specialist:

  • Digital marketing coordinator
  • Digital communication specialists
  • Digital advertising consultant
  • Digital media coordinator
  • Information officer
  • PR specialist

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