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Shoemakers, also known as cobblers, are artisan tradespeople who design, create and repair customised footwear. It is a highly skilled profession, calling for precision craftsmanship and detailed work to create unique shoes, boots and other forms of footwear. They use high quality materials such as leather to hand-make custom orders made to fit specific customers. They can be self-employed or work in shops that appeal to customers seeking artisanal goods.

5 Requirements to be Shoemaker

  1. Complete a course in shoemaking and cobbling (asset)
  2. Complete an apprenticeship with an experienced shoemaker
  3. Understand the tools and machinery used to make custom footwear
  4. Have a creative vision to design visually-appealing and long-lasting footwear
  5. Be comfortable working with clients and completing work to their specifications

What does a Shoemaker do ?

A shoemaker designs and makes custom footwear, and repairs existing footwear. They can be commissioned by clients to create products to exact sizes using specific materials, and also design made-to-order shoes, boots and sandals. Typical duties of a Shoemaker include:

  • Selecting high quality materials for footwear
  • Designing and creating patterns to follow
  • Cutting out and install the various components
  • Sewing, gluing and polishing the final components to complete footwear
  • Using tools and equipment to repair and fix broken footwear
  • Performing general upkeep on footwear to remove stains and weathering
  • Working with clients to create custom products
  • Keeping all tools and machines in proper working order

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