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A Certified Sex Therapist is a healthcare professional who specializes in the study and treatment of issues related to human sexuality. They work with individuals and in group settings to conduct research, offer counseling, and promote sexual health. A Certified Sex Therapist can be an educator, who provides knowledge related to proper sexual health. They may also work for universities and private clinics conducting research related to human sexuality.

5 Requirements to be Certified Sex Therapist

  1. Master Degree in a related discipline (therapy, counselling, psychology, social work or sexology)
  2. Certified by a provincal organization (Board of Examiners in Sex Therapy and Counselling in Ontario)
  3. Strong scientific and clinical knowledge of human sexuality
  4. Communication skills to work with people and groups
  5. Commitment to helping people addressing highly personal issues

What does a Certified Sex Therapist do ?

A Certified Sex Therapist works with individuals, couple and groups on issues related to human sexuality. They can provide counselling and therapy for problems related to sexuality, or perform research into large issues of human sexuality. They can work in healthcare clinics, scientific institutes, research universities and in private practices. Typical duties of a Certified Sex Therapist may include:

  • Meet with clients dealing with issues of human sexuality
  • Provide therapeutic counselling for issues of sexuality
  • Promote proper sexual health practices
  • Conduct research on matters related to human sexuality
  • Publish papers and analysis on issues of human sexuality
  • Keep secure records and files of treatments and studies

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