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Job Description: Cashier

Cashier’s are at the front-line of the retail sales industry. They play a very important role by offering person-to-person services to customers in stores and retail locations. A cashier accepts and processes payments so that customers can leave with the goods and services they desire. Without them, the whole retail sector grinds to a halt. It requires a high level of customer service skills, as they will be interact with countless people, and it is important that every one of them is treated with respect and professionalism. Cashiers also are in charge of ensuring accurate payments, including counting money and providing exact change. There is a great deal of responsibility that comes with this role, and it deserves to be taken seriously.

5 Requirements To Be A Cashier

  1. High level of customer service skills when dealing with the public
  2. Strong communication and listening abilities
  3. Accurate and precise mathematical skills
  4. Ability to work independently and following procedure
  5. Able meet the physical demands of the role (standing, sitting, repetitive motion)

What Does A Cashier Do ?

A cashier primarily spends their days completing sales transaction with customers in a retail environment. They serve customers who are finished their shopping, processing the transactions, accepting payment and making change when necessary. Cashiers are constantly speaking with customers, answering questions, addressing concerns and making sure that they have had a pleasant experience in the retail space. They count till at the start and end of shifts, track money exchanges, keep receipts and organize records so that store finances are always in order. Cashiers also run price checks, check merchandize on the shelves, reach out to supervisors and assist other staff members with signage changes and sales prep. Cashier must have stamina, patience, accuracy and enthusiasm on a daily basis.

  • Greet customers and offer assistance as they enter the store
  • Process purchases for customers and accept payment
  • Make exact change when a customer pays in cash
  • Bag, pack or wrap items when applicable
  • Answer customer questions and inquires
  • Inform managers of any situations that should be brought to their attention
  • Promote special offers and promos to help customers save money
  • Properly count cash register at the start and end of a shift
  • Coordinate with other cashiers to work effectively as a team
  • Complete exchanges and refunds for customers
  • Maintain a pleasant and welcoming attitude at all times

How To Become A Cashier

Aspiring cashiers can apply at the retail location where they wish to work. There are no formal educational requirements or prerequisite training, but it will be necessary to develop strong face-to-face communication skills and organizational abilities. A strong aptitude for arithmetic and the ability to multitask will also be assets.

Sectors Recruiting For A Cashier

Cashiers are recruited by businesses, stores and outlets in the retail sector.

Career Outlook For A Cashier

The long-term employment outlook for cashiers is considered fair to good across the country. Over the next ten years, the number of qualified job seekers looking to become a cashier is predicted to outpace the number of available cashier positions — 85,600 to 93,900 — which will lead to increased competition in the sector.

Where Does A Cashier Work

A cashier primarily works in a retail store environment, where they process payments and help customers complete their purchase. They can work in big box stores, small boutiques and every retail space in between.

Related Job Titles

According to the CNP code (national classification of occupations), here are the additional titles for a cashier:

  • Store cashier
  • Clerk
  • Store clerk
  • Retail cashier

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