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Job Description: Cabinetmaker

Cabinetmakers design, build and repair furniture, fixtures and cabinets for residential and commercial spaces. Similar to carpenters, they are expert craftspeople who use a variety of tools to create beautiful and unique designs constructed from wood, metal and other materials. They typically work in furniture manufacturing, repair and restoration facilities and for construction companies,while they can also be self-employed. It is a physical and hands-on job, perfect for people with a creative vision and attention to detail who enjoy working with their hands.

5 Requirements To Be A Cabinetmaker

A successful Cabinetmaker requires the follow skills and abilities:

  1. Strong knowledge of tools and building techniques
  2. Aptitude for design and creative thinking
  3. Able to create custom products that fit any space
  4. Willing to work with customers through the process
  5. Completion of apprenticeship (certain companies)

What Does A Cabinetmaker Do ?

Cabinetmaking is a precise form of construction. A Cabinetmaker works with a client to design and create custom furniture to fit a specific space and style. They physically build and install high-quality cabinets constructed from durable materials to meet the requirements of any home or business space. In a typical day, a Cabinetmakers tasks include:

  • Create designs to match specific design and space requirements
  • Collaborate with other designers and project managers
  • Turn raw materials such as wood into the correct pieces for a cabinet
  • Craft cabinets using precision tools with a high degree of detail
  • Install completed furniture, ensuring it is done safely and correctly
  • Repair and fix furniture as required

How To Become A Cabinetmaker

Most cabinetmakers enter the profession by completing a multi-year apprenticeship under the supervision and tutelage of an experienced cabinetmaker. There are courses and training programs to teach the skills of the trade, but are not required. Trade certification is available, but is not mandatory. Cabinetmakers can register with their provincial or territorial regulatory body, such as the Ontario College of Trades.

Sectors Recruiting For A Cabinetmaker

Surveyors are recruited by the custom manufacturing and design sectors.

Career Outlook For A Cabinetmaker

The long-term employment outlook for cabinetmakers is considered limited to fair. There is predicted to be more people looking to enter the profession than will be available job opportunities over the next 10 years.

Where Does A Cabinetmaker Work

Cabinetmakers work in workshops and custom manufacturing locations. Cabinetmakers employed by larger design companies can work in shared workspace with colleagues as part of the manufacturing process. Cabinetmakers who work as self-employed contractors can work from their own workshop, and may also complete some work in the residential and commercial spaces of their clients.

Related Job Titles

According to the CNP code (national classification of occupations), here are the additional titles for a cabinetmaker:

  • Cabinet designer
  • Furniture designer
  • Furniture maker
  • Custom furniture designer

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