Job Description Beautician

A Beautician, also known as an Esthetician, provides esthetic care using a variety of techniques requiring the use of specialized products, accessories and devices. They provide customized care to help clients feel and look their best by employing a number of different skin and body treatments. Beauticians can work in salons, spa, hotels and wellness centers, providing care to their clients. While traditionally associated with makeup, Beauticians use a number of different products to help people get their skin feeling as good as possible. It is a very personal job, with a great deal of one-on-one interaction between Beauticians and their clients.

5 Requirements to be Beautician

  1. Graduate from a training programing at a certified school or training institute
  2. Complete an apprenticeship under an experienced Beautician
  3. Be licensed by provincial regulating board
  4. Following all guidelines cover safe product and tool use
  5. Be able to think creatively and communicate effectively

What does a Beautician do ?

A Beautician works one-on-one with clients to advise and assist them in the area of skincare, beauty, makeup and other areas of wellness. This involves learning a great deal about a client's skin, including sensitivities, tone and any allergies in order to determine which products are best. Depending on a client’s needs, a Beautician can help them select complimentary makeup, devise a complete skincare regimen and anything in between. Typical tasks of a Beautician include:

  • Meet with clients to discuss their skincare and makeup needs
  • Recommend products to soothe and treat any skin problems
  • Demonstrate proper application, removal and care techniques
  • Select and apply cosmetics such as makeup, eyeliner, lipstick and more
  • Provide guidance related to proper skincare and cosmetic removal
  • Be mindful of specific chemical and the reactions they may cause
  • Place special orders for products as needed
  • Test the latest products to ensure their effectiveness

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