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Job Description: SEO Specialist

With the shift towards online sales and digital marketing, SEO specialists have a vital role to play for many businesses and organizations. Search Engine Optimization is creating and modifying content and websites to return high placement in the results of various search engines, such as Google. SEO specialists analyze SEO trends and implement various techniques to return high quality results for their clients. They can be employed by large companies to ensure continual SEO development, or work freelance for multiple clients looking to improve their web presence. It requires specialized tech knowledge and a strong understanding of ongoing trends in the digital marketplace.

5 Requirements To Be A SEO Specialist

  1. Degree or diploma in Computer Science or related field
  2. Certification in SEO and related disciplines
  3. Certification in specific programs and applications used in SEO research
  4. The ability to multitask and prepare multiple SEO campaigns simultaneously
  5. Strong communication skills to be able to explain complex SEO techniques to clients

What Does A SEO Specialist Do ?

A SEO specialist works with clients to boost their web presence and reach a wider audience. They do this by formatting their websites using specific keywords and organizational methods that will return improved results on search engines. They frequently perform statistical checks to track progress and make necessary modifications. Typical duties of a SEO specialist include:

  • Review existing websites for current SEO and recommend improvements
  • Create new websites and features that conform to the latest SEO standards
  • Track and analyzes websites to ensure SEO improvement
  • Design customized SEO campaigns to meet the unique needs of clients
  • Work with content creators and web developers to produce SEO-friendly content
  • Research the latest tools and techniques to boost SEO
  • Stay informed regarding algorithmic changes that will affect search engine results
  • Provide clients with updates regarding their SEO and demonstrate the positive effects

How To Become A SEO Specialist

SEO specialists need to be able to prove that they have the specialized skills and knowledge to give their clients a boost. Most SEO specialists have a degree or diploma in Computer Science or a related field. They can also pursue additional certifications that demonstrate their knowledge of specific programs and applications. These will demonstrate to prospective employers that they have a keen understanding of the latest in SEO developments.

Sectors Recruiting For A SEO Specialist

SEO specialists are recruited by businesses and clients in the tech and marketing sectors.

Career Outlook For A SEO Specialist

The long-term employment outlook for SEO specialists is considered good. With the move of many businesses in all industries into the digital marketplace, there are plenty of clients looking to boost their search engine optimization with the help of SEO specialists in order to reach a large customer base.

Where Does A SEO Specialist Work

A SEO specialist needs only a computer and an internet connection in order to work. They typically work in offices, where they are employed by large companies to boost their web presence. It is also common for SEO specialists to be freelance, working for multiple companies and clients from the comfort of their own home or office.

Related Job Titles

According to the CNP code (national classification of occupations), here are the additional titles for a SEO specialist:

  • Search engine optimization specialist
  • SEO developer
  • Web SEO developer
  • Web SEO specialist

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