The Most Wanted Entry-Level Skills In 2023

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Stand out in a crowded job market with some of the most wanted entry-level skills in 2023. 

Entering the job market can be intimidating. It can make you feel self-conscious about your level of experience and the professional skills you possess. Fortunately, there are soft skills that are applicable to entry-level jobs in multiple industries and job sectors. By understanding and developing these entry-level skills and abilities, you can be a strong asset in almost any work environment. 

The Most Wanted Entry-Level Skills In 2023  

  • Communication 
  • Time Management 
  • Creative Thinking 
  • Problem Solving 
  • Self-Motivation 
  • Collaboration 
  • Leadership 
  • Customer Service 
  • Growth Mindset 
  • Learning 


Perhaps the most important entry-level skill, without the ability to communicate effectively it will be very difficult to succeed in a job role. Communication is how you share, connect and discuss things with colleagues, supervisors and customers. This will make it far easier to onboard into a new job role, complete important tasks and become a contributing member of the work team as quickly as possible. Given the current popularity of remote and hybrid working arrangements, the ability to communicate clearly is more important than ever. 

Time Management 

Completing tasks and projects in a timely manner is a basic component of any job. Although multitasking is not always effective, most job roles will require juggling multiple tasks simultaneously. Knowing how to properly manage time will allow you to meet deadlines and complete your work without rushing through it. When working in a team setting, failure to complete your tasks on time will likely result in a colleague being unable to start on time and rushing to try and keep up, leading to unneeded stress. Good time management skills will allow you to perform good work, support colleagues and meet the needs of customers. 

Problem Solving 

As great as it would be, hoping that there will be no problems while on the job is just not realistic. Problem-solving is an important entry-level skill because it is what allows an employee to face challenges and help the business overcome them. This does not mean that you are solely responsible for solving every business problem, but the fact you are actively thinking of possible solutions is already an asset. This will help you bring an innovative approach to colleagues and managers, allowing big problems to be solved effectively and efficiently. 


The biggest shift the HR world has had to adjust to over the past 3 years is the change to remote work. It’s clear now that many employees expect remote and hybrid working arrangements to be a regular part of their professional lives and will even consider leaving an employer for another where these arrangements are offered. If entry-level employees want hybrid work, they need to demonstrate that they can be highly self-motivated. Managers still fear the remote employees will be less effective, despite evidence to the contrary, and showing tangible proof of this entry-level skill in 2023 will be a huge asset for job applicants across industries. 


Big goals can only be achieved as part of a team. This is why one of the most wanted entry-level skills in 2023 is collaboration. Collaborating on a project always leads to a diverse range of innovative approaches and solutions that would not have come from a single person. Being able to become part of a team and support one another is a key aspect of any successful workplace, even when people are working remotely. Finding the right collaboration tools and workflow processes can take a bit of time, but the rewards make it worth the effort. 


One common mistake is that people think they need to wait until they are promoted into a managerial or supervisorial role to start utilizing their leadership skills. In fact, the opposite is true. Leadership is something that hiring managers look for from all job applicants, even for entry-level job roles. This does not mean that you will burst into an office on day one and take charge. Instead, it means that you will be willing to be a guiding force on all tasks and projects, while helping your colleagues work together at their best. Leaders are committed to helping everyone around them move forward, and this is invaluable at any career stage. 

Customer Service 

Providing a positive experience to customers and clients is key to business success in multiple sectors and industries. Many entry-level job roles are often customer-facing, especially in the retail, hospitality and sales sectors. Having strong customer service skills will be a strong asset in multiple roles, as candidates look for opportunities that align with their career goals. These skills will demonstrate that you are solution-oriented, empathic and committed to growing the positive image of the organization. 

Growth Mindset 

A growth mindset describes how you approach new and challenging situations. With a growth mindset, you will see new challenges as opportunities for growth and evolution. Mistakes, errors and misunderstandings are not something to be ashamed of, but rather should be viewed as growth opportunities. This mindset can be invaluable and is something hiring managers look for in entry-level job applicants. 


Every job requires learning and training, especially entry-level roles as part of the on-boarding process. It would be a mistake to think that the second you have completed your training you are done learning at your job. There is always room to improve, develop and progress along your career path. Businesses should always strive to provide continuous learning opportunities for employees, and it will only provide increased benefits for the organization. The ability to continuously learn and evolve on the job has a great potential to lead entry-level job applicants down the path of a long and successful professional career.  

For people entering the job market, being able to demonstrate as many of the most wanted entry-level skills in 2023 as possible will help you stand out to a hiring manager. These skills are the key to sustaining a successful career in any industry for years to come. 

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