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av-tech, logic-contrôle, and gesti-clean are more than just partners. They are three sister companies that join forces to meet the needs of a diversified client base in the following areas:

  • Electromechanical operations and building maintenance
  • Installation and maintenance of monitoring and regulation equipment for building mechanics
  • Automation of complex industrial processes
  • Installation and servicing of equipment used for:
    • Access control
    • Collecting parking fees
    • Identifying personnel
    • Video surveillance
    • Detection

Work environment

  • Versatility: When selecting personnel, the companies look for the best available candidates at every level of the organization. All employees are involved in carrying out tasks in one or more professional fields directly or indirectly related to the field of technical building services. Depending on the operational needs, the company may ask an employee or group of employees to obtain recognized qualification cards before carrying out certain tasks. While everyone has their own professional specializations, maximum versatility allows us offer our clients a better quality service at a competitive price.
  • Synergy: Every employee plays an important role, and it is thanks to their combined strengths that the three companies are able to survive. Every employee is unique and possesses his or her own expertise, while teamwork and good communication allow us to develop the synergy we need.
  • Autonomy and trust: If they are to continue to grow, all the compagnies must meet their clients' needs and surpass their expectations. We count on our employees' skills and know-how because they represent the front line in customer relations. As a result, our management approach is based on autonomy and trust. Our employees are the backbone of our companies and the reason we are able to build and maintain solid relationships with our clients, based on trust.

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