Bateaux Princecraft inc.

Bateaux Princecraft inc.

725, Saint-Henri, Princeville , QC G6L 5C2

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At Princecraft, navigation has been in our DNA since 1954. This love for all things nautical is the spark for incredible adventures and is the very thing that encompasses the spirit of boating.

Our signature line inspires passion, hints at something deeper than boats and positions Princecraft as a true pioneer that understands what boaters are really looking for: better-designed boats, decisions firmly rooted in the reality of boaters, and innovations that enhance the boating experience and make it safer.

The passionate boater feels more at home on the water than on solid ground. And our nautical spirit appeals to their freedom, intuition, and spontaneity on the water.

Knowing that they possess the best boat to satisfy this impulse is priceless.

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