Aliments Asta inc.

Aliments Asta inc.

767, route 289, Saint-Alexandre-de-Kamouraska , QC G0L 2G0

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Aliments Asta’s mission is to maintain its position as a top quality company in the pork transformation industry. With the high-tech equipment, superior hygiene standards and its meticulous transformation procedures, Aliments Asta Inc. prioritizes excellent service and satisfaction to its loyal local and international customers.

In partnership with its suppliers and due to its competent, constantly trained, versatile, dynamic and proud team, Aliments Asta is committed to provide a superior quality product, with a prolonged preservation time, and this, day after day.

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means trusting our colleagues and relaying an attitude of self-worth. It is also accepting their ideas and differences all while encouraging honesty and openness.

implies developing the knowledge, abilities and qualifications necessary to carry out a task. It also implies the willingness and desire to accomplish our work and correct all problematic situations.

is defined by our willingness to continuously offer high quality productivity. It is also always doing our best to completely satisfy the customer.

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