FAQ Candidates

How may we help you?

  • When a company posts a job offer, it’s seeking to fill a position right away.

    A career opportunity is a job that may eventually need to be filled at a company. It isn’t a position that needs to be filled immediately but, who knows, maybe it will be tomorrow!

    Tip: When you apply for a career opportunity, as well as showing your interest in the company and a specific position, your résumé is automatically added to the company’s bank of candidates. If an employee resigns or is dismissed, the company will be able to look at your profile and résumé before even posting a job offer for the vacant position. It’s simple: you’ve doubled your chances of finding the kind of job you’ve wanted for a while.

  • If you want to save a job posting, just add it to your “Favourite jobs” by clicking on the star to the right of the job posting. It will be put in your “Favourite jobs” section, which allows you to save job postings you’re interested in and want to keep so you can look through them again and even eventually apply for them.

  • If you want Jobillico to send you job postings that match your profile, you need to set your preferences and job alerts. Visit the “My preferences and job alerts” section to find out more!

  • If you believe an offer is discriminatory, you can report it by writing to info@jobillico.ca.

    Indicate the company’s name, the title of the position and the information you think is improper.

  • Each employer can decide what he or she wants to post. Information about the salary is entirely at their discretion, because remuneration can vary according to the candidate’s profile and previous experience.

  • When you apply for a job posting, the employer will receive a notification saying you have submitted your application for one of their positions. The employer can then look at your profile and résumé using their Jobillico candidate manager. It is also the employer’s responsibility to contact the candidates they deem interesting.

    Tip: Before applying, make sure your information and résumé are up to date. Emphasize the advantages of your application for the specific position and employer. Make your profile as interesting as possible for employers and fill everything out!

  • Good things come in threes! You can apply for a position again even if you’ve already sent your résumé, with the goal of updating your application in the event of an error or if changes have been made to your profile.

  • After you have applied, a confirmation message will be displayed on the page. Moreover, you have access to your applications history in your “Jobs applied for” tab, which confirms that your application has been successfully sent to the employer. As regards the response time, this depends entirely on the employer and their recruiting process.

    Tip: It’s not always easy but it’s important to be patient and wait for employers to contact you for an interview.

  • Some employers prefer applications to be handled on their own website, while others prefer to rely on the Jobillico tools to manage applications associated with the positions they need to fill.

  • For security reasons, this step is required in case someone is trying to use your personal information without your knowledge.

    You’ll have to go to your inbox, look for the message from Jobillico and follow the instructions in the email. We’re looking out for you!