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  • Starting today, you don’t need to look any further. We create the perfect match!
    Jobillico has changed the way people search for jobs. Starting today, you don’t have to look any further! After just four easy steps, we’ll send only the companies and job postings best suited to you.

    There are three other ways of registering on the Jobillico platform:

    Through your favourite social network
    Register on Jobillico using your favourite social network! Click “Sign up” at the top right of the Jobillico homepage and connect using your Facebook account.

    Using an email address
    Can’t sign up through your social network? No worries. You can sign up by simply using your email address. Click “Sign up” at the top right of the Jobillico homepage. Fill out the registration form and once all the fields have been completed, click on the “Sign up” button.

    Quick applications
    You aren’t registered as a candidate on Jobillico but you’re interested in a job posting and would like to apply right away? It’s easy as pie! Click on “Apply” at either the top or bottom right of the job posting you’re interested in and fill out the quick application form.

    Tip: However you decide to register, you will have to validate your email address in order to activate your Jobillico account. Why? For security reasons, in case someone is trying to use your personal information without your knowledge. You’ll have to go to your inbox, look for the message from Jobillico and follow the instructions in the email. We’re looking out for you!

  • Check and see if your activation email or password email is in your junk mail. To make sure your Jobillico messages don’t end up in your junk mail, simply indicate that the sender is safe. Some email services also allow you to create filters and lists to help you separate the bad emails from the good ones.

    If your email isn’t there, write to info@jobillico.ca indicating your full name and email address. You’ll get help right away.

  • Forgotten your password? No worries! Click on “Login” at the top right of the Jobillico homepage. You’ll see that there’s a link to “Forgot your password?” in the window. Enter your email address and we’ll send you a message so that you can reset your password.

  • Everyone’s allowed a change of heart! To modify your password, log in to your account and click on your username at the top right then select “Account settings.” Enter you old password, then the new one and save.

  • To ensure your account security, you must send an email address change request to our Customer Service. Write to info@jobillico.ca and specify your full name, your previous email address and the new one. We’ll update the information for you.

  • To delete your Jobillico account, sign in and click on the “Account settings” tab at the top right under your username. Then click on the option “Permanently delete this account” located at the bottom left.

    Tip: Did you know that you could deactivate your Jobillico account without completely deleting it? By making your account inactive, you will no longer receive job alerts from us and your account will no longer be visible to employers. However, you will still be able to view job postings and corporate profiles. This is a convenient and less definitive alternative!

    In order to switch to inactive mode, go to your “Account settings.”

  • If this message appears when you’re trying to sign up, it means that you may already have a Jobillico account. It could also mean that a user has accidently entered your email address when creating an account without confirming it belongs to them.

    Whatever the case, you need to reset your password. Click on “Login” at the top right of the Jobillico homepage. You’ll see that there’s a link to “Forgot your password?” in the window. Enter your email address and we’ll send you a message so that you can reset your password.

    Tip: This message will also appear if you delete your Jobillico account and then try to sign up again using the same address.

  • All information in your Jobillico account and everything you use in your search criteria is always confidential. Only information that you send directly to an employer with your application is available, but to this employer only.

    If you want to search confidentially, you can change your account’s “Privacy settings” and make it invisible to employers by unchecking the “Share my profile with employers” checkbox.

    Tip: If your current employer recruits through Jobillico, we suggest that you block the company in your account’s “Privacy settings” section. Enter the company name where indicated and your candidate profile will no longer be visible to your employer.

  • There’s a solution to every problem! Let’s check a few things together.

    1. Have you entered your email address correctly? Check and make sure it’s the one you used to register with Jobillico.
    2. These days, we use lots of passwords to access our personal accounts. Have you entered the correct password? It must contain at least 6 characters of any type. Be careful! Passwords are case sensitive, meaning an uppercase “A” and a lowercase “a” are different in a password.

    You can change your password if you are certain to have entered the correct email address.

    Still unable to connect to your Jobillico account? Send an email to a member of our customer services department at info@jobillico.ca.

  • It’s simple! Jobillico uses a geolocation application in order to suggest job postings located near your place of residence.

    Tip: By default, your results contain all available jobs within a 40-kilometre radius of the place you specified but you can change the radius for your search in order to receive results that are better suited to your needs.