FAQ Candidates

How may we help you?

  • Your Jobillico mailbox is an easy to use space designed so you can be quickly contacted.

    As well as automatically suggesting job postings that correspond to your needs, we suggest your profile to companies looking for someone like you. Companies that are interested in your profile will be able contact you to tell you they are interested and make you an attractive offer using a Jobillico wink.

    Tip: Make your profile as interesting as possible for employers: fill everything out and wait for companies to contact you.

  • A wink is a personalized message that an employer sends you when they’re interested in your résumé or because they’d like to meet with you for an interview for the position that needs to be filled.

  • Yes, we are all too aware that employers seeking new candidates pay particular attention to applicants who have been recommended by a trusted employee. Jobillico gives you the chance to be referred directly by a friend or acquaintance when you apply for a position at a company. By connecting using your Facebook account, you will quickly be able to see the people you know who work for the company you’re interested in and ask them for a recommendation right on our platform.

  • You can view your recommendations in your notifications.

  • In order to see who, among your contacts, works for a company, you need to log in to Jobillico using your Facebook account.

    Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to see your contacts to the right of the job posting. If there aren’t any it means that none of your Facebook friends work for the company.