The Best Canadian Employers for Young People in 2021 (Part 2)

The Best Canadian Employers for Young People in 2021 (Part 2) Publié le 29 January 2021 Par

Today we continue are look at the Best Canadian employers for young people in 2021, organized by industry. Be sure to check out Part 1 for more opportunities across the country.

Even though 2021 is still a year with economic uncertainty, there are still many young people looking to enter the workforce and start building successful professional careers. The recently released list of Canada’s Best Employers for Young People, as compiled and ranked by the Canada’s Top 100 Employers project, is designed to provide young people with important information about where they can begin their professional lives. By taking a look at these employers by industry, it provides an interesting look at which sectors are planning for a successful future.

The Best Canadian Employers for Young People in 2021 (Part 2)

Source: Canada’s Best Employers for Young People by the Canada’s Top 100 Employers project.

Healthcare Services

Healthcare services have never been more vital to communities across the country than they are right now. Careers in this field can be demanding, but also rewarding. There are numerous different career options within the healthcare field, including both frontline and admin-related roles, and everything in between. Many organizations even offer to partially or fully pay for additional training and certifications for their employees, ensuring continued opportunities for growth and advancement.

Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital

Providence Health Care

Sinai Health

The Hospital for Sick Children


People want to feel prepared for the future as much as possible. Having proper insurance coverage is one way that people can protect themselves, their families and their livelihoods. After contracting in 2020, insurance premiums are predicted to increase again in 2021. This is an indication of continued growth for the industry, making for long-lasting careers for young people starting their professional lives.

AIG Insurance Company of Canada

Ecclesiastical Insurance Office plc

Manulife (Apply)

Law Firms

Becoming a lawyer takes years of additional schooling before entering the legal profession, but there are also opportunities for paralegals, notaries and even administrative roles within law firms. Due to the number of law firms ranked among the best Canadian employers for young people, it is clear that they recognize the effort people put forth to enter this profession and give them the resources and rewards needed to ensure a long professional career.

Bennett Jones LLP

Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP

Dentons Canada LLP

FL Fuller Landau LLP

KPMG LLP (Apply)

McMillan LLP

Municipal Employers

Many cities have a large workforce to provide services to their large populations, often employing thousands of people. There are often programs specifically designed to offer employment opportunities to young people, students and newcomers to Canada. For example, the city of Edmonton even offers tuition subsides which pay up to 50% of fees for schooling and learning related to the job. Due to the range of services offered, there are a number of opportunities in all kinds of roles, ranging from entry level positions to long-term roles in public service.

City of Edmonton

City of Surrey

Hydro Ottawa

York Regional Police

Natural Resources, Mining & Energy

The natural resources and energy sectors remain vitally important to the overall Canadian economy, and is on track to experience a demand for consumption into the future that is predicted to exceed pre-pandemic levels after 2022. Employees in the energy sector frequently enjoy among the highest average annual salary of any job in Canada, providing young people with a strong financial incentive to enter this industry and build professional careers. With the perceived strength of the Canadian energy sector, it’s clear that these organization will be seen as among the best Canadian employers for young people.

ArcelorMittal Dofasco G.P. (Apply)

Bruce Power LP

Capital Power Corporation

Emera Inc.

EPCOR Utilities Inc.

Imperial Oil Limited

Rio Tinto (Apply)

Teck Resources Limited

West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd.


The pharmaceutical industry develops life-saving medications and treatments for all types of conditions. For young people who obtain degrees in science and medicine, working the pharmaceutical industry is an opportunity to be on the forefront of innovation. 2020 has shown how important the development of new medicines is to society, and there continues to be the need for young minds ready to bring new and fresh approaches to pharmaceutical research.


Pharmascience Inc.

Provincial Employers

Similar to municipal agencies, provincial governments need a large workforce in various cities and parts of the provinces to provide a range of services to residents. With provinces enjoying large control over areas such as health, energy and some telecommunications, there are various different types of jobs available in multiple industries for young people. SaskPower, for instance, even offers summer co-op programs for high school students which gives young people the change to learn valuable skills that can translate into employment when they have completed their education.

Alberta Health Services / AHS (Apply)

BC Hydro

BC Public Service (Apply)

Government of Nunavut



Restaurants & Hospitality

The restaurant and hospitality industry have seen major setbacks and hardships as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even after many restaurants have transitioned to takeaway models, a Restaurants Canada survey  asserts that almost half of all restaurants in Canada may permanently close in within 6 months without additional support. These organizations are committed to facing the difficulties facing the industry and providing opportunities for young people.

Cactus Restaurants Ltd.

JOEY Restaurant Group

YMCA of Greater Toronto


The ability to reach out and stay in touch with loved ones has never seemed so important as it does right now. The telecommunications industry in Canada is heavily concentrated, with Rogers Communications, Bell Canada and Telus Communications – the “Big Three” – controlling the vast majority of the market. With coverage stretching from coast to coast, these companies have to be committed to utilizing the latest technology to provide faster and better service to their customers. The number of people working remotely has exploded in the past year, and a number of workers and companies will not want to return to the traditional office after seeing the benefits of the virtual workspace. Telecommunications companies need to hire young people committed to constant growth and adaptation to meet the growing needs of their customers.

Bell Canada (Apply)

Northwestel Inc.

Rogers Communications Inc (Apply)

TELUS Communications Inc.


The transportation industry is responsible not only for getting people to their destinations, but also shipping over 63 million shipments across Canada and the world. With online shopping becoming more popular than ever during the pandemic, it appears that the transportation industry is here to stay. There are a number of different job roles available in the transport sector, from drivers and operators to office work and administration.

Fednav Limited

Jazz Aviation LP


For young people looking to enter the workforce, the new year provides a mixture of uncertainty and opportunity. The best Canadian employers for young people in 2021 all understand that the way to plan for success is to invest their resources in young people ready to adapt to new challenges and take these organizations into the future.