Transport Jacques Auger inc.

Transport Jacques Auger inc.

860, rue Archimède, Lévis , QC G6V 7M5

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Leader in Quebec in the transportation of petroleum products for more than 30 years, Transport Jacques Auger inc.'s mission is to provide its customers with a reliable, safe, eco-responsible service at the best possible cost.

The company has a fleet of more than 300 units, 5 terminals and nearly 300 professional and competent talents which constitute an important part of its success.

Its 5 terminals are located in Lévis, Anjou, Ottawa, Mont-Laurier and Grand Sault.

Our story in a nutshell
It all started in 1978 when Jacques Auger acquired his first 1971 International 10-wheel truck to transport gravel. In 1982, he left Quebec to work in Alberta with his truck. Back home in 1983, it transports sawn timber, long timber and pulp. Transport Jacques Auger Inc. was finally incorporated in 1986. From bulk cement in the summer season to the transportation of petroleum products in the winter season, the adventure began!

In 1998, Transport Jacques Auger Inc. purchased Queensway Tank Lines in Ontario.

In 2002, Transport Jacques Auger Inc. purchased and merged Lévy Transport Ltée, its largest acquisition in terms of employees and equipment to date.

In 2003, Transport Jacques Auger Inc. chose to get involved with LEUCAN by organizing its annual “Promenade en Camion” event. Since then, nearly $1,750,000 in donations have been made to Leucan.

In 2010, Transport Jacques Auger specializes in the transport of chemicals and liquid bulk and Queensway Transport is born.

In 2019, Transport Jacques Auger Inc. acquired the petroleum division of GM Rioux Transport based in New Brunswick. It was at this time that Grand Falls Energie was born and set up in Grand Sault, NB.

In 2021, with the aim of diversifying its offer of specialized tanker transport services, Transport Jacques Auger Inc. acquires Trans-Groupe, a milk transportation company which has been established in Sainte-Claire for several years now.

Today, Transport Jacques Auger excels in the transport of petroleum products, chemicals, milk and LNG!

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