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Spa Eastman

895, chemin des Diligences, Eastman , QC J0E 1P0

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Spa Eastman, a pioneer in destination spa vacations since 1977, offers a complete menu of spa treatments combined with a comprehensive program of relaxation techniques, fitness and nutrition all geared to do wonders for both body and soul. Fitness classes held in our spacious and airy Barn Studio, La Verrière, are offered everyday and include pilates, cardio-kick boxing, yoga, Chi-Kung and much more. Spa Eastman offers a vacation that allows you to be all you can be. Relaxed, more fit, and focused.

Both Spa Eastman and Spa Eastman Montreal offer an exceptional range of treatments in highly motivating environments.

The Spa Eastman team is looking for employees whose training and experience contribute to its mission: promoting health and well-being.

That person could be you.

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Community involvement

Spa Eastman and Sustainable Development: A Natural Alliance!

Our management has upheld the principles of sustainable development since 1977. Here are some of our actions:

• Absolutely neither chemical fertilisers, nor pesticides are used in our vegetable gardens, yards and all landscaping. 100 % organic gardening. • Proper waste management. • EcoLogo cleaning products. • Management of heating systems (air and water). • Low flow toilets, faucets and shower heads. • High efficiency thermal windows. • Durable and reusable dishes and containers. • Purchasing of organic foods and wines. • Purchasing of imported foods only when necessary and issuing from fair trade. • Priority given to products using the least amount of packaging possible. • Priority given to products with the least processing. • Support and preference given to small local food producers. • Efforts to reduce, reuse, repair furniture or give away viable goods to recycling organisations. • On site use of composting bins for the disposal of organic waste. • Analysis and diagnosis of waste products in order to findcleaner recyclable alternatives. • Use of recycled paper. • Refillable bottles of biodegradable soap in all rooms. • Use of tissue products made from 100 % recycled fibres. • Use of compact fluorescent light bulbs. • Use of a new line of natural cosmetics, Couleur Caramel; only brand of cosmetics to offer ECOCERT certified products, Couleur Caramel uses the highest quality natural ingredients originating from organic agriculture. • The property has a rule of thumb to guide its actions called 3NJ (naked, near, natural and just), that is to say, products are chosen based on the least amount of packaging and processing possible, organic ingredients, purchased locally and from businesses that respect their workers and the environment. • The implementation of the 3RV (reduction, reinvestment, recycling and validation) is done systematically and the results are two-fold. Thanks to all of these actions, Spa Eastman has greatly reduced its impact on local ecosystems by recycling 95.7 % of its waste products, saving thousands of kWh of electricity and tens of thousands of litres of water.

Always Striving to Improve, with Respect for the Environment.

In 2005, the management formed a Continuous Improvement Committee in order to find ways to minimise the impact of its activities on the environment and maximise the positive socioeconomic effects on its community.