Sika Canada Inc.

Sika Canada Inc.

601, avenue Delmar, Pointe-Claire , QC H9R 4A9

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Sika Canada Inc. is established in Canada since 1957, as a fully-owned subsidiary of the worldwide Sika Group. Sika Canada offers an extensive and fully integrated product portfolio ranging from roofing systems, concrete admixtures, concrete repairs and strengthening systems, sealing and bonding materials to high performance industrial flooring systems and waterproofing solutions for below-grade concrete structures. In parallel to the production of construction materials, Sika's industrial products division - Industry - is a technology leader in elastic and structural bonding and in the manufacture of adhesives, sealants and acoustic materials serving the transportation, industrial, marine and automotive sectors. Sika Industry provides application solutions for the automotive (cars, trucks, bus and, specialty vehicle), rail, renewable energies, marine, building envelope, window and door industries and much more.

Sika Canada Inc. is established in Canada since 1957, as a fully-owned subsidiary of the worldwide Sika Group. With regional offices and supply facilities in Mississauga and Cambridge (ON), Edmonton (AB), Surrey (BC), Sika Canada Inc. employs more than 240 people across the country and is a local partner with global expertise to its customers. The Pointe-Claire site, located near Montreal, hosts the headquarters for Canadian operations which includes research and development, sales and marketing departments, production, warehousing and distribution.

Seize Your Chances, Meet Our Challenges.

We are always looking for proactive, creative and ambitious individuals, able to understand Sika’s vision, mission and politic and capable to identify with them. Consequently, we do offer good hiring and working conditions and commit to further develop our employees skills.

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Work environment


At Sika we value people, and provide a respectful workplace with the opportunity to be a weighty contributor in specific fields of responsibility. The work of individuals is aligned with shared values,internal beliefs and practices. That’s why the company upholds the preservation of ethical standards, whereby mutual respect as well as trust in management and in staff is of central significance. All Sika employees share three crucial values: partnership, perseverance and innovation.

Trustful Partnership

Collaboration is crucial for corporate success. Excellent collaboration at Sika relies on team-minded staff, open communications and on individual responsibility. However, in today’s complex world, it relies on shared instruments too. Sika’s dynamic development thus requires new forms of collaboration and readiness for change. Important in this are the integration of widely differing people and the advancement and global exchange of knowledge and experience. Line and human resource managers have various new platforms and committees at their disposal, for example a “Sounding Board” for exchange of so-called “Best Demonstrated Practices”.

Strength for Perserverance

At Sika, we realize that successful work requires quality standards, achievement of mutually agreed targets on time and within budget, implementation of concepts, professional coordination and the ability to persevere no matter what the obstacle may be. At Sika, we may rely on manifold resources and information; together we will develop successful paths you can explore. Alongside training, further education and new, diverse tasks and, where appropriate, experience in other countries and in other cultures are important elements in the systematic, advanced development of high potentials.

Courage for Innovations

The company is proud to have created a work and management environment which encourages individual freedom to act and to decide as well as enthusiasm for one’s own work, openness to change and genuine employee commitment. This means that you are encouraged to bring things forward. Sika desires that employees experience satisfaction in their work and in the success of the company. The slogan, “Be proud of Sika and let Sika be proud of you!” bears witness to this.


Managing Diversity

Sika’s goal is to create a respectful working environment in which discrimination of any kind is not tolerated by any means. Innovation, performance and mutual respect determine the way we work together. Everyone in our corporation contributes to the success of the whole Group. Sika knows about the advantages of a multifaceted workforce, and thus promotes the integration of individuals from manifold walks of life.

Cross Culture

Sika is a global employer and in this highly competitive environment we depend on broad minded and experienced employees as a key success factor. In fact, international work experience becomes more and more a requirement to reach management positions. Sika will foster its most qualified talents by offering such experiences as well as use skilled people to bring their knowledge to other parts of the world in order to improve our business and to achieve our objectives.

Good Corporate Citizen

Sika sites throughout the world are embedded in the local community. Sika business is directed to bring long-term and sustainable success to all stakeholders – economically, ecologically and socially speaking. Management and staff are recruted mainly locally and nationally. In terms of the human ecology of the site and its surrounding area we strive to contribute to the establishment of a strong community and neighborhood. For instance, it is important for us that cohesive human communities are respected as they are valuable and necessary.

Quality through Diversity

The needs, wants, and the languages in which our customers express themselves are diverse. We must understand them if we are to provide our customers with a quality service experience. Enhancing the quality of our product and service offerings begins with managing diversity within Sika. This includes an employee mix as diverse as our customers, an appreciation of different cultural perspectives and beliefs, an ability to accommodate the varying needs and tastes of people from different origins and the need to train management and staff to understand and relate to a complex customer base. Embracing diversity therefore is one of our key topics.