Siemens Canada

Siemens Canada

1500 Rue Janelle, Drummondville , QC J2C 3E5

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Siemens Canada travaille au développement des talents de demain. C’est l’ingéniosité au service de la vie.

Depuis plus de 100 ans au Canada, Siemens offre des possibilités de carrières motivantes et durables à ceux qui façonnent notre avenir. Nous avons pour tradition de promouvoir l’apprentissage continu, de développer les talents et de reconnaître la réussite.

Siemens est fière d'avoir été nommée sept fois l’un des 100 meilleurs employeurs au Canada et cinq fois l’un des employeurs les plus écoresponsables au Canada, ainsi que l'un des meilleurs employeurs pour jeunes adultes au Canada en 2019.

Quelque 5 000 employés travaillent ensemble au Canada pour livrer des solutions dans les domaines de l'énergie durable, de l'infrastructure intelligente et de la santé, ainsi que des solutions pour l'avenir de la fabrication. Siemens est synonyme d'excellence en ingénierie, d'innovation, de fiabilité et de responsabilité.

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Work environment

As a pioneer in electrical engineering, Siemens was a major force in industrialization. And it’s this pioneering spirit – the spirit that has made us the global powerhouse we are today – that is pushing us to excel even in these tough times. Being a pioneer means setting ambitious goals and capitalizing on new growth opportunities everywhere in the world – particularly in the booming markets of the world’s emerging countries – with innovative products and solutions.

As an employer of choice, we provide a work place designed for you to succeed:

  • continuous learning environment
  • e-tools for communicating and sharing information
  • career and performance management
  • a growth-oriented company
  • a competitive and comprehensive benefit package
  • recognition for long-time service employees
  • state-of-the-art business tools
  • global commitment to safety and environmental protection
  • global commitment to research & development.

Career management

Career Management & Training
Siemens offers a continuous learning culture!

We believe that developing our employees' potential is our number one opportunity for organizational growth and improvement. We leverage the global network of Siemens to find the right development solutions for our employees.

Our training solutions include career management and skills improvement, leadership development, technical & product training and more. We provide flexible training solutions via self-paced learning on the Intranet and Internet, internal and external classroom training, self-study, and a fabulous continuing education program that includes registration, books, exams and tuition reimbursements.

At Siemens, we believe our employees are a key element to reaching our goals, and because of this, we are doing everything possible to provide them with the best tools, resources and customized solutions to help them succeed.

We Invest In Our Future… Our Employees!

Community involvement

For Siemens, corporate responsibility is a value of great importance.

In every aspect of our business, our sense of responsibility is always there, in Canada and around the world. And it is not only the competitive edge we provide to our customers that matters – it also involves enhancing and extending the quality of life for Canadians in a sustainable way.

Corporate responsibility means conducting all business according to the highest professional and ethical standards, by adhering to our compliance policies and procedures. It means being active in the communities in which we operate, through our philanthropic and education programs - Siemens Caring Hands and Generation21. It means environmental protection with energy-efficient products and solutions.