Rovibec Agrisolutions inc.

Rovibec Agrisolutions inc.

475, route du Port, Nicolet , QC J3T 1W3

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Since forty years now, Rovibec Agrisolutions has been designing and building equipment related to herd feeding.

Over the years, Rovibec has always maintained a high overall standard of quality. A world leader in the design and manufacturing of fully automated herd feeding systems. A manufacturer of feeding equipment going from simple and efficient designs up to high tech 100% roboticized systems.

Rovibec is one of the pioneers in the field of equipment developed for the production of TMR (total mixed ration) a feeding method to which we have subscribed since 1983.

Over the years, the company has always respected the vision of its founder notably to improve the quality of life of the producer and those close to him.


The Rovibec team is committed to the efficient and timely development, manufacturing and marketing of innovative, reliable and simple to use ‘adapted’ animal feeding systems which will allow agricultural businesses (dairy and others) to increase their production and improve the producer’s quality of life.