Promutuel Assurance-

Promutuel Assurance-

2000, boulevard Lebourgneuf, bureau 400, Quebec City , QC G2K 0B6

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Promutuel Insurance is one of the biggest damage insurers in Québec. Known for its commitment to the values of mutual support and solidarity, it has 1,925 employees at nearly 100 locations across the province. Seize the opportunity to work for an inspiring, local business that puts people first.

 We are regularly seeking motivated candidates in a range of areas:

  • Insurance (damage insurance agents, risk analysts, etc.)
  • Information technology (infrastructure, development, business intelligence, business analysis, etc.)
  • Finance, accounting, and audits
  • Communications and marketing
  • Claims services
  • Human resources
  • Ongoing improvement
  • Actuarial services
  • Legal services
  • And many others

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