Promotions Atlantiques inc. - Starfrit

Promotions Atlantiques inc. - Starfrit

770 boulevard Guimond, Longueuil , QC J4G 1V6

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Atlantic Promotions Inc. (PAI) is recognized for its openness to new ideas, innovative concepts, and more specifically to its dedication to research and development and the introduction of new products to the marketplace.

Each year, Atlantic Promotions creates, develops and markets some 100 new products under its brand names (STARFRIT, GOURMET by STARFRIT, LOCK AND LOCK, HERITAGE and RICARDO). All of our products are oriented toward the mass and specialized markets, are available for export and are renowned for their:
  • Innovation
  • Quality
  • Contemporary and ergonomic design
  • Ease of use and maintenance
  • And extensive life cycle

For more than 50 years, PAI has been innovating and constantly renewing itself and that's what it will continue to do! PAI will continue to talk about quality, boldness and innovation in the kitchen market by providing effective solutions at affordable prices. The company's sound operational and financial management will enable it to maintain the trust it has with its customers and allies, while ensuring the profitability of its commercial activities.


Since 1965, Atlantic Promotions has constantly sought to innovate and renew itself and it has successfully taken on this major challenge !

Develop and market innovative products for the kitchen, present in striking packaging for the Canadian and global market, using a robust marketing mix. Our products combine design and quality and are at the forefront of market trends.

We aimed to be the supplier of all kitchen needs under one roof, including a full range of kitchen utensils and accessories.

To develop new categories and new brands and create demand using print and television presence that clearly demonstrates the added value and innovation of our products.


  • To be open minded
  • Show curiosity, imagination, creativity and daring
  • To continually seek to improve and to surpass oneself
  • Refuse the status quo
  • Ensure a competitive and market intelligence
  • Anticipate the emerging needs of the market
  • Encourage initiative taking in connection with our mission
  • Adopt a flexible but effective approach
  • Adapt to emerging and evolving situations and needs
  • Keep an openness to other markets, participate in globalization, while respecting our values ​​and our integrity
  • Adjust to the market.
  • Be proactive, and ready to react
  • Be true to our convictions
  • Act in respect for others at all times and in all circumstances
  • Seeking excitement and excellence in our work
  • Contribute to the realization of our mission with heart and dedication
  • Implement a work environment where mutual help, teamwork, involvement and participation are valued
  • Working together toward a common goal
  • Focus on good communication between managers and employees
  • Put into practice an open door management policy