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Progitech is a enterprise offering I.T solutions for commercial and industrial business. With the quality of our expertise and the competence of our resource we deliver high quality service to insure that your technical evolution and objective are respected.

In business since 1994 in Saguenay, Qc. Progitech as become a majeur Player in the support and instalation of computer materiel and software development. Progitech as more to offer with our new software SYGECTM and the acquisition of Service Informatique Inedit.

Today, Progitech is a regonized as a leader and has built a unique suite of solutions to help reduce operating costs, drive greater employee productivity, support innovative services and improve overall customer satisfaction.


Looking for a respectful job environment where you can progress as you wish? Progitech offers a wide selection of stimulating jobs in which you will progress every day.

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Our mission and our principal’s values are objectivity, respect and efficiency. These values are part of our daily routine. Progitech does everything to recognize the talent the skill and hard work of each and single employee.