Memtronik Innovations inc.

Memtronik Innovations inc.

5000 Armand-Frappier, Saint-Hubert , QC J3Z 1G5

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The company's experts manufacture membrane switches, graphic overlays and electroluminescent lamps. Our products have a solid reputation in the Canadian and U.S. markets for their high quality. Through research and development, the company has designed products that meet the specific requirements of each project. The company combines its client focus, renowned know-how and boundless creativity to provide the best possible results and to meet its clients' requirements.

At the beginning of the 21st century, while manufacturers were importing products from Asia, Memtronik set itself the ambitious goal of protecting jobs in North America. In order to achieve this goal, we invested in improving our manufacturing processes and developing specialized machinery. Memtronik is proud to be the most highly automated membrane switch manufacturer in North America.

There's no question that Memtronik Innovations lives up to its is constantly innovating in its quest to remain competitive and to exceed expectations.